With Me

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“Royalty please just wake up,”

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“Royalty please just wake up,”

“I don't care if you start fucking screaming at me or some shit,”

I slowly turned my head to the side as I opened my eyes.

My whole body ached

He had his eyes closed as he held my left hand in his.

Was I dead or something?

Because this just looks dramatic

I looked around the room before spotting the gun laying infront of him on the bed.

I slowly picked it up from placing it as his temple. He opened his eyes and I pulled away from his hold as I sat up while ignoring the pain I'm in.

“Where am I?” I asked while sitting up.

“Calm down-”

“Where the fuck am I damnit,”

“You’re in my house,” he said and I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing a dress shirt of his.

“Did you undress me asshole-,”

“Would you calm the fuck down. If you weren't so fucking stubborn and you didn't run back towards the building you wouldn't have been blast away by the impact of the bomb. I had to bring you here and dressed your wounds and I couldn't have done that if you were still wearing that dress so your welcome sweetheart,” he said while standing to his feet.

“I didn't ask you to be a fucking hero-”

“Okay then next time I'll wait until your conscious,” he said sarcastically.

I climbed off the bed while still pointing the gun at him. I stared at him as I stepped away from the bed. I moved to the large glass wall behind me and I had a look around.

“Are we in a fucking forest are something?” I asked while looking outside at the tall trees.

“You're somewhere safe that's all that matters,” he said

“Somewhere safe? Well me being anywhere near you in the middle of nowhere is not what I call fucking safe," I said before looking back at now.

“Where exactly are you?” I asked

“Put the gun down and let's talk,” he said and I walked towards him.

“Talk huh? About what exactly?” I said

“The fact that you lied to me and used me and my family?”

“Or the fact that you fucking tricked me and fucked me like I was just another woman for you? Or pretending you actually gave a fuck about me and condition,” I said a tear ran down my cheek.

He really hurt me

“Royalty I'm sorry,” he said

“No you're not. You're just sorry because I found out about your little plan,” I said and another tear fell.

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