Chapter Three

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The next morning, you open your eyes to find yourself laying in the bathtub in the bathroom.

You quickly stand up from the bathtub and rush to your room when you hear your phone ringing.

"Hello, Dad" you greet your father, trying not to sound like you have just woken up.

"I have been calling you for ten minutes, why haven't you picked up your phone? Don't you have college today?"

You look at your digital to see that it is 1 pm which means you missed your lectures.

"Today, the lectures were cancelled, as for the phone, I was taking a bath" you lied.

You hear silence on the other line, which only worried you.


"Ok, remember to eat your meals and take your vitamins, and remember to study and pray" you sigh and smile, happy that he has fallen for your lie.

"Don't worry, take care"

Before you could end the call, your father stops you.

"You could have told me the truth that you overslept"

With that, the call ends, leaving you bothered and annoyed.

Not a second later, you get a massage from a strange number.

Good evening, hope you had an awful night filled with terrors.

You frown in anger upon realising that it is that satanist boy from yesterday.

The last thing you could remember is going to the bathroom, but afterwards, you can't remember anything.

Before you could even reply, Andrea calls you, forcing you to pick up.

"Stop missing me, you truly are a sad excuse of a person" you inform him.

"I'm not, at least my family didn't lie to me about their wicked past"

You frown, not liking what he is trying to tell you.

"Listen this isn't some stupid movie where you are going to reveal the secret of what my family is trying to hide"

Andrea chuckles, not bothered by what you just said.

"But it is true, your family has a history with Satan and time travelling" you snort.

"You know what you need right now?"

"You" Andrea replies confidently.

"No, an asylum is what you need"

You end the call, not allowing him to talk or argue with you.

Suddenly your doorbell rings.

You walk over to it, and open it, thinking that it is one of the building security men.

But, a familiar boy stood at your doorstep with a smile on his face, still holding his phone in his left hand.

"You shouldn't have ended the call so soon, darling"


Sherif stares at his ex-stepfather with angry eyes, while his son stood beside him looking concerned.

"What do by that, (Y/n) can't be the one you are talking about, Matteo!"

The older man stays calm, allowing his ex-stepson to let out his anger.

"She is prophesied to end dark magic and if your daughter chooses to follow the wrong path..."

The older man stares directly into your father's eyes.

"...she will bring destruction to humanity"

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