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You know there is probably a story behind every bad girl and boy out there. You just have to know how to look for it or see it. My misfortune happened on my last day of school for junior year. I had went to a party with my boyfriend Chase, I was so deeply in love with him, or deeply stupid to believe I was. I won't forget what my best friend did to me. Cliche right? I never knew the school's bitch was really my best friend, or ex-best friend. Looking back at it now I should have noticed, I should have noticed the way they looked at each other, or the way people gave me pity looks as I walked down the hall chatting away to Chase.

 Now you're wondering what happened, at this said party. Though I'm sure some of you smart cookies have it pegged. Ladies I suggest not staying around for your man after he's gone to the bath room for an hour. Not only did I find out that he was playing seven minutes in heaven, do not ask me why juniors decided to play this, but he was also in the closet with my suppose best friend Megan. They had been in there for thirty minutes I was told and had locked the door on the inside. I think something snapped in me in that instant. I stood outside the door, arms crossed waiting. I also think everyone saw me change before their eyes and not in a good way. I stood there for twenty minutes before they came out, clear signs all over they had sex. They both had stopped dead when they saw me, I had stared at them and a smirk crossed my face.


 "Well isn't this exciting playing seven minutes in heaven like children. Seems like you two cheated. But I guess a selfish jackass and a selfish bitch mix so well together. Wouldn't you say?" I asked, looking at everyone. They of course were looking down.

"Oh that's right you all knew. Foolish me." I said, with a hard laugh. Some people winched. I turned and looked back at my ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend.

"I hope it was worth it, cause you won't be seeing me anymore. I really mean it too, I was trying to come up with ways to tell you guys but I guess I'll just say. I'm moving, but I guess neither one of you would care, since you can go behind my back and see each other. Guess we see who's the foolish one." I said. I turned and headed for the door, but stopped just before I walked out of the doorway and their lives.

"By the way Megan weren't you whining about being pregnant with someone's baby?" I asked. Jaws dropped and everyone stared. I looked over my shoulder at her.

"Oops was that suppose to stay a secret? My bad." I said, to her shocked face. I turned back around and walked out of the room, then the house. No one tried stopping me.

 End of Flashback

That night even though I didn't show it my body was going through pain, then it doubled. Every step I had taken the pain grew more and more, then I was on the ground clutching my body. And then finally it went away, but I didn't have hands or feet I had paws. Pure silver paws, I turned in a circle and found my whole body silver. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to be freaked out or not, cause I 100% believe in this kinda stuff. I heard a creek and ran to it and looked over the edge of the bank, I was almost all silver all for a black ear. My human crystal blue were even more crystal like. I jumped over the creek and ran home, I had a feeling my parents knew about this.

 That I Lily Black was a werewolf.

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