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Ok! Welcome to my fanfic!please leave a request and I'll get working on it! By the way sorry if this sucks but like it's the first one, they'll get better:) and by the way in this oneshot you and the twins are 18

You sat quietly on your bed, headphones over your ears listening to Coldplay, a book in your hands. It was quite strange and intriguing at the same time, it was about a young girl, around 16, had run away from home and while she did encountered some very weird things along the way, almost as weird as the monsters in Gravity Falls! Anyway, Along the way she met a homeless boy of 17, he showed her how to live in the wild, how to hunt and how to kill. You hadn't liked that part of the book, when the girl was forced to kill, but you continued anyway, eventually the two start to fall for each other. You'd just gotten to the part where they kissed, you had read the book a million times but you didn't mind.

Flipping a page you continued as Clocks by Coldplay switched to Viva La Vida. Reaching out you took a long sip from a mug beside you filled with hot chocolate.

"Whatcha reading?" A voice said, you jumped startled then looked angrily over your shoulder and the dream demon behind you.

"Bill! You scared me!" You yelled, he chuckled lightly.

"That's what I do best." Bill laughed taking a seat on the other side of your bed and crossing his legs. He wore his usual attire, a white buttoned up shirt, black bow tie, a yellow vest, black pants, dress shoes, his eyepatch and of course the little black top hat that floated just above his head. His hair was blond and messy, you'd think to all the effort he puts to his clothes that he might brush his hair once in a while, but no. You two sat in silence for a minute before you spoke,

"What do you want?" You asked taking off your headphones and resting them around your neck,

"Oh, nothing. I was just bored." He smirked flashing you a devilish smiled.

"Seriously Bill. Tell me." You said sternly, now a little angry seeing as Mabel and Dipper would be coming over soon and that they hated Bill and he hated them. You couldn't help but to fall for him, though you kept it a secret and nobody knew, nobody needed to know that you spent all your time with him.

"I-I well, I like y-" He started before the spluttering of Stans car cut Bill off.

"Bill! You need to go! Now." You yelled frantically pushing him out an open window, he faked a smile.

"(Name), I need to tell you something.." He said, letting his arms fall down by his sides.

"You can tell me tomorrow Bill, I'm sorry but I can't risk Mabel and Dipper seeing you, I dont want us to stop hanging out if they knew about it." You said, you hated to do this to him but it was the truth.

"(Name)!" He yelled again trying to get your attention.

"Bill just g-" Bill had leaned over and kissed your cheek. You looked up but he was gone, "Bill?" You blushed, you heard footsteps bounding up the stairs and a few seconds later Mabel burst through your door with Dipper trailing behind.

"(Name)! We have amazing news!" Mabel screeched, flailing her arms around. You laughed a little at Mabel as she started explains the news that Dipper had in fact asked out Wendy and she had said yes, but the whole time you thoughts wandered back to Bill, why did he kiss you? You knew that he only kissed your cheek but you were still curious. Did he like you? No He couldnt, there is so many pretty girls out there, why would someone like him love someone like you?

So, did ya like it? Please gimme some ideas! Request! I'll do them:)

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