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CHAPTER FIFTEEN ・゚: *・゚:*˚ ₊ ♡
1985, July 4th ─── episode six

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THE WORDS STILL RING INSIDE HIS MIND LIKE A HAUNTED ECHO, reverberating, clutching and clawing at his brain. You cannot hide from me. The words had been whispered, as if never meant to reach his ears but still now the deep timbre is as clear as day.

Milo clutched Juno's hand tightly as the girl pulled him up from the cold, uncomfortable metal chair. Clutching to the fact he was back in the waking world, and not running through the desolate and crumbling halls of the broken down Hospital in the Upside Down. Clutching to something real.

"—lo, Milo." He blinked, brown eyes focusing on Juno's worried ones as the ringing in his ears faded away. "Are you alright?"

Milo coughed, bile rising in his throat as memories flash before his eyes, before nodding. "Yeah, we need to go. Find others." His words are fumbled, a nervous stutter laced between syllables.

Juno squeezed his hand reassuringly pulling him with her, eyes warily switching between the seventeen year old and the closed door behind him. She placed him beneath the open airduct before rushing to retrieve the chair.

She winched as the metal scraped over the floor, pausing to look at the door again, but nothing happened and they both sigh out in relief.

"Come one." She nudged him, motioning to the chair. "You're longer, you can reach it right?"

Milo glanced up, before nodding. His limbs ache painfully as he stretched to his full height, fingertips gripping the edge of the airduct. "alright." He nod, "I got it."

Juno grinned victoriously, grabbing his legs she started to count, "One, two—three." With a grunt she pushed him upwards while Milo used all the strength he had left to pull himself up.

Breathing heavily, Milo managed to crawl into the airduct, blonde hair clinging to his sweaty forehead. He groaned, clutching his bruised side before maneuvering around to look down where Juno was staring up at him.

"You think you can pull me up?" Juno asked unsurely.

Milo didn't think he had the any strength left, but he had to try. For Juno he had to.

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