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you would think being the second oldest of the Wheeler Family would be chaotic 24/7 because will's missing, but surprisingly its not well not in wills case at the moment, oh what and I talking about? Lets just go back a couple hours ago but first you need to understand something to understand the story

I Y/n Wheeler and dating the school 'king' Steve Harrington...You probably are thinking "what's so bad about that, that's like every girls dream" yea it is, and its great don't get me wrong but my brother Johnathan hates Steve, and before you ask "then how are you dating Steve wouldn't Johnathan be mad and rude because he hates Steve" he already knows he doesn't like it but he can't do anything about it, my life meaning i can date who ever i want 

so now back to the story from a couple hours ago

precisely 6 hours ago

"Hey you ready?" I asked Steve as I stood up from the table ready to leave the small café were at 

"yea let's go" he said placing his hand in mine as we were walking we had come across my brother and you know when it comes to these two they just love to piss off the other so Steve brought it to his attention to make my dear old brother mad and that's exactly what he did, how he did so you may ask? he twirled me around stopping me right in front of him and placing his lips on mine, the shirt I had on was held with strings so it would be so easy to just make it fall

Steve being Steve brought my arms around his neck and his to the center of my back where the strings were at  pulling at them softly but not too hard to make them fall, all while lowering his hands to my ass while looking at my brother with a smirk, and that defiantly pissed off Johnathan causing him to storm away from Nancy,  *Steve's ex ;))* and pull Steve off of me blowing a punch to his beautiful face, sad I know, and Steve started throwing back and you know this really started annoying me because now its just non stop

"Johnathan stop it!" I yelled at least trying to be known before I had to interfere physically,  So I used my voice, multiple to try and stop this

"oh my god STOP!" I yelled one more time before grabbing my brothers arm but I guess that was a bad Idea because when I did he turned around and threw a punch to my cheek, yup that's going to bruise 

"Oh shit! Y/n" Steve yelled out to me as i caught myself on my hands as i feel on my ass holding my cheek, Steve ran over to me and helped me get up removing my hand from my cheek and cradling it in his hands 

"Shit, are you ok love?" he asked I nodded looking at my brother who stared at me, shocked.

"Hey lets go back to my place and get this iced yea?" Steve asked placing an arm around my shoulder I nodded looking away from my brother

and that's what we did, we went back to Steve's place and he got me an Ice pack while I sat in hid room

other then that we cuddled while he demanded he held the ice pack but I didn't talk to Johnathan for about 2 weeks and Mom grounded him for 3 weeks as she should



It is currently 3:48...I'm tired as hell ;-; but yea I decide  "hey since I'm tired but can't sleep lets right this imagine requested by 


I actually think this came out good, I like it even if it doesn't follow the exact plot of Stranger things besides the fact that these two love to fight but I think this was good now good night and send in request 

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