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Illyria felt the weight of the covers ripped away from her body, leaving her naked shoulder exposed to the morning air. A groan escaped her lips as her hands groped for the covers. "Nuh-uh," a voice scolded, bringing Illyria to the point of consciousness. She stretched, allowing her joints to pop before she sat up and started to function, her eyes still closed. 

"Il, stop being such a lazy bitch and get up," the voice whined, tugging at the pillow caught under Illyria's head. She brought a hand up to her face and rubbed at her sleep-coated eyes, her brain started to awaken and she began to recognise the annoying presense in her room. "Jessah Bailey, can you please bring me coffee when you wake me up early," her voice was husky as she whined at her friend, causing a pillow to go flying at her face, and a mug to be shoved into her hands. "Better?" Illyria finally half-opened her eyes and nodded at her blonde friend before tentatively sipping at the hot, bitter liquid. Jess smirked but waited for Illyria to finish her coffee before she said anything; Illyria was a nightmare in the morning.

Illyria watched as Jess scratched at the french manicure and tugged down her tight crop top. "Jess, I don't understand why you wear that stuff when you're obviously not comfortable in it." Jess rolled her eyes, preparing for the lecture that followed. "Il, we've discussed this, I'm the pack slut, it's what everyone expects from me." Illyria raised an eyebrow and sipped at the luke-warm liquid before continuing, "but it's not you, is it?" Jess groaned, flopping backwards against the mountain of pillows on Illyria's bed. "This isn't what I came to talk to you about," Jess whined, causing Illyria to chuckle and hit her friend in the face with a pillow, "then what?"

"What's your plans for today?"

Illyria groaned, "I think I may have promised Tristyn that I'd help him train the pups this morning," Jess laughed, "Il, you hate kids."

"I don't hate kids..." Illyria defended, "I just prefer not to try and train twenty of them, while they think it's playtime." Jess just continued to laugh, "how'd Tris get you to help?"

"He pulled the pout, how can I say no to the pout, and he'd just had a fight with his dad, and urgh," Illyria moaned, "I have so many regrets." Jess laughed, standing up and adjusting her skin tight jeans, "let's go get brunch before you have to go, I want to find out what your trip was like," Illyria groaned and rolled out of bed, her tank top exposing her creamy stomach while her pyjama pants hung loosely from her hips. "Let me get changed first Jess." She walked over to her wardrobe picking out a pair of yoga pants, a red Nike hoodie and her worn, grey converse. She was training pups today, she didn't need her trainers. Illyria's hair was still in it's ponytail from the evening before, and being the lazy girl that she was, she decided to leave it as is but conceded to brushing her teeth before following Jess down the stairway.

"What do you want to make for breakfast?" Jess asked, bouncing down the steps with unfathomable energy. "Jess, I don't really care," Illyria sighed, following her friend down with heavy steps. "Okey dokey, waffles? With bacon? Maybe some fried oranges?" Jess asked rhetorically, already planning out their meal. "Fried oranges?" Illyria asked, baffled. "It could work, let's try it." Illyria just rolled her eyes as she pushed the kitchen's swinging door, Jess now trailing a few steps behind. 

The girls that surrounded the kitchen island smiled at Illyria, but their faces immediately turned to scowls as they spotted Jess. After years of watching these types of reactions Illyria decided that they were one of two things; jealous or angry. Jealous because there was no doubt that Jessah Bailey was a beautiful girl, or that she had the attention of every unmated male in the room, and angry because they had probably been scorned by her at some point. 

Jess suffered from 'Resting Bitch Face', Illyria concluded, and she had no verbal filter. She was as blunt as a spoon and no doubt that ruffled some feathers. Illyria was always the girl who hated drama, and as much as Jess hated it too, it followed her everywhere; how their friendship began is a mystery, though Illyria suspects it was Tristyn who finally drew the two together. Jess, being the flirt that she is, decided to try her charms with the future Alpha, he got uncomfortable, Illyria came to the rescue, Jess pushed some buttons, Illyria punched Jess, Tristyn saved Jess, Jess laughed, Illyria laughed, Tristyn was confused and BAM, instant friendship. Illyria smirked at the memory as she went to one of the pantry cupboards, searching for the ready-made pancake batter. 

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