pt 31.

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"What you got done so far?"

"Tricking her ass into thinking she got Leukemia just like you asked me to she smirked.

"Good good now I have this medicine that I want you to give her its gon fuck her up bad" he said with a smile taking it out his draw sliding it over to her.

"What it do?" She asked looking at it through the glass.

"Make her weaker and sick she gon believe after that" he said with a nod.

"Mhm now that we got our deal what do you want from me?" She smirked.


"Oh fuuckkk" she moaned as he groaned hearing her annoying moan again it was turning him off.

After 45 minutes she was still dry, he kept slipping out and on top he was getting irritated with her moans they were cracked up and so deep.

He slipped out again as he sucked his teeth.

"Man yo shit to fucking loose ion wanna fuck no mo'" he said putting it back into his pants as she frowned.

"I was about to cum"

"Cum? Yo pussy ain't even wet just go do yo fucking job and get out my shit" he gritted as she got up fully embarrassed.

"I'm not even that loose" she scuffed sliding her pants back on.


"Papi what are you doing?" Serena asked as La'Paris turned holding a bunch of papers in his hand.

"What's all this?" He asked as she became anxious.

"Just doctor's paper baby-"

"Doctor's papers you got fucking Leukemia Serena?!" He asked slightly raising his voice.


"Man stop lying to me you telling me all these papers a fucking lie?"

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"Its not that serious" she said grabbing the papers out his hand.

"Why you going through my stuff this is my personal folder?" She asked putting it all back.

"Personal? Serena you my fucking girl what you going through includes me to you got Leukemia and you ain't think to tell me shit?" He asked as she stood silently.

"I was but-"

"These papers are from a month ago and the most recent was this morning you telling me you waited a month just to not say shit how long was you gon hold out until you was in the hospital huh?" He asked with a chuckle.

"N-Nothings going to happen to me" she assured.

"I'm tryna be patient with you I am but my mother my fucking momma died from this shit you think I wanna see the girl I love die from this shit my momma NEVER told me about it until she ended up in the hospital dying the same fucking night that shit is not repeating again its not"

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