Three - The Sick & Twisted Truth

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My eyes flutter open and my ears begin to make out the sounds around me. I can hear bustling about, and it appears I am not alone.

I look down quickly, realizing I am tied down and currently there is an IV hooked up, draining my blood. I can barely keep my eyes open as I feel the blood exiting my system.

"What is this?" I ask weakly, to no one in particular.

I hear feet shuffling toward me, and then a French accent. "I'm sorry, my dear, they left me no choice."

"Why?" I gasp out, worried they plan to drain me.

"They will kill me if I don't manufacture the cure for them," he replies in a low voice. I recognize him. He's the doctor that Cullen found.

"Where's Rian?" I ask.

"She's safe...for now. You're the first round of testing." At least she is somewhat safe.

"Where are we?" I ask weakly.

"An abandoned hospital."

Jerrica walks in, knife raised. She has blood smeared across her clothing and my heart rate spikes. God, please don't let that be Rian's blood. "That's enough questions."

All I want to do is rip her throat out and tear that stupid smirk right off her face, but I can't move an inch. I'm the weakest I've ever felt.

"Why are you doing this?" I question. "We were good to you. We took you in as one of our own."

Jerrica laughs heartily. "I have my own family. I never needed yours. Just your supplies—and coincidentally, you turned into one of those supplies I needed. It's nothing personal."

"You won't get away with this." I'm fighting with everything in me to keep my eyes open, but it isn't working.

"I think I already have." Jerrica chuckles.

Cullen. Ike. Foster. The last time I saw them they were on their knees. I want to stay positive, but I know how the Degenerates work. There's no way in hell they would have let them go without a fight. I'm sickened by the thought that we just found Cullen, only to lose him again. I'm the reason they were all in danger. I'm the reason they are probably all dead.

Even in my semi-conscious state, I hear it, a loud bang.

Jerrica motions to one of her lackeys. "Go see what that was."

I hear the door open and close.

I can still hear Jerrica's breathing. It's labored and anxious. Moments later, I hear the door bust open and Rian's familiar voice.

"How'd you get out?" Jerrica stammers. There is fear in her voice.

"I have my ways. Now let my sister go, or I'll shoot," Rian warns.

I try opening my eyes, but they are glued shut. It takes too much energy.

"Calm down, Rian," Jerrica says softly. "I thought we were closer than that?"

I hear another bang go off and a loud shriek.

"I'm done talking..."

I am dying to see with my own eyes what is happening, but I can't stay alert any longer. I surrender to the darkness.

*          *          *


"Ike, it's been a week. I feel better. Can we go now?" We've been hiding out at the Treehouse Resort for longer than I would have liked. Each day making me feel guiltier than the rest. I need to find them. I need to save her...

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