The Truth

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"So our next attack will be placed on my lovely cousin Royalty Valentino at my birthdayparty" Stella said to her minions

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"So our next attack will be placed on my lovely cousin Royalty Valentino at my birthday
party" Stella said to her minions.

The Mexican Mafia and Japanese mafia were also there.

Fucking traitors

We didn't see her mother at any of her meetings but we did see a familiar face.


That fucking bitch

I finally get why they hate her some much

She's a snitch

"We will not harm Lorenzo DeLuca," Stella said and Royalty looked at Lorenzo

"And why not? The piece of shit threatened my son," the Mexican Mafia boss said.

"Watch your tongue. Lorenzo has become very special to me and I could use a man by my side when I take over from my dearest cousin," she said and Royalty stopped the video.

"All of a sudden she doesn't want to harm you. What's up with that Mr. DeLuca are you two planning to take over and become the underground most powerful power couple or something," Royalty asked and we all looked at each other.

She doesn't know that Lorenzo had to get with Stella.

This is the reason why she changed her mind.

"Hell no Royalty you know I'm on your side," Lorenzo said

"Do I?" she asked

"Royalty I'm on your side, one thousand percent," he said and she turned around the laptop from him.

"You know there have been somethings on my mind since lately," she said.

"Like?" I asked and she looked up from her laptop.

"Who went into Stella's house and bugged her place and set up the hidden cameras?" she asked before looking at Lorenzo.

He looked away from her eyes before looking around the room.

"I don't think that piece of information is quiet-"

"Dimitri if you're not going to answer the question please don't talk," Royalty said and he nod.

I took his hand and he placed a kiss on the back of my hand.

"It was me," Lorenzo said and she got up.

She walked to the front of her desk and sat down.

"I hope you don't mind me asking but did she just call and say come over so you can bug my place and set up cameras," Royalty said.

"Royalty the bugs and the cameras are already set in place. Let's worry about the party and-" Lorenzo started.

"How did you get in Lorenzo that's all I want to know?" Royalty said

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