Chapter 3 -Life as a Mate

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Chapter 3

I gently done my best to help Seb sit up in the bed. Me and Sarah propped up the pillows behind him.

I couldn't help but gaze into his eyes. Those eyes held me captive. I can't believe that after all this time that i have found him. Found the one. My mate.

I let my hand drift to his. We held each other for a while before i sat down in the seat beside the bed.

"What are you doing in this territory?" I asked him aware that the Alpha aswell as the enforcers can hear us.

He broke our eye contact to look around the room at the men first before he responded to me. "I was here to warn the Alpha." Before he could finish he was cut off with growls.

"Warn me of what?" My Alpha growled leaning pass me towards him. "Warn me of an attack from your Alpha? Betrayer!"

"NO!" Seb bared his teeth at my Alpha. I started to stroke his arm as my pulse started to rise. The atmosphere in the room was tense. I don't want my mate to get hurt i got this bond coming towards him but yet I am bound by the codes of my pack. I am torn.

"I was sent here my Alpha as I am his beta to warn you of an attack from the redmoon pack." With his next words he looked to wards me. "They are after shifter females to mate with."

All chaos ensued after that. The men almost became uncontrolable. Starting to shake. Barely able to control their wolves at the thought at harm coming to their women.

Seeing the men almost loose control i jumped on the bed to be surrounded by my mates arms.

"Men control your wolves." The Alpha stated as his face started to redeem its normal shape. "How did your pack come against this information."

With his arm around my waist i felt comfort from his touch. "Seven women made there way onto our lands for mercy in exchange for this information. They was taken from a pack from the south. They came with children as well."

A gasp at this information. The redwood pack was a notorious pack. Known for its ruthlessness. Stories were told about them to us as children. The tales given us nightmares.

The pack steal females as they cannot find their truemates as their hearts are so dark. They were all rogues first then they were brought together by an alpha's son who was defeated for the title of alpha by his brother. So he went rogue and created his own pack. He hunted humans, taken other females from packs as their own. It was unknown how large their pack is as they are always on the move. Terrorising other packs. All the packs have put the best trackers and enforces out to find this pack for the past 20 years but nothing has been found. The people out to search for them are called the archangels. Nearly each male from many packs have been in the Archangels. They tried to find them. But have never succeed.

"The children and females are now apart of our pack. They say there are females with them that felt that they couldn't leave their men or mates. They said there is not many females there as many kill themselves once taken."

I couldn't believe what i was hearing. I don't want to be taken. I need to let my sisters know.

"Notify every pack member now to be at the pack house. We shall keep everyone under one roof. Close the hospital everyone relocate to the pack house infirmary." The Alpha dispensed his order to Alex. "Also tell the women who are not by themselves do not go home to get their belongings. Straight to the pack house."

Alex nodded at this command. The Alpha looked to me. "Lisa since you have found your mate and he is of the moonstone pack. I shall give you time to know him. Beta Seb you have my permission to stay at the pack house till the mate bonding is complete."

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