Chapter 23

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"Freeze!" The Policeman ordered. "Hands in the air!"
Peter was brutally shoved to the ground with two officers hand cuffing him.

"No it wasn't me please!" Peter cried.

"Shut it dirt bag," The officer ordered. Peter was dragged into the police car. He watched as the sky turned dark and the city lights came on. The closer they got to the police station, the more Peter felt the pain of losing his sister. A huge building came into sight just down the road. It wasn't a jail. It was a mental hospital, or as the policeman called it: an asylum.

"Is this that teenager who murdered all those people?" The guard asked the police man.

"Ya this dirt bag doesn't deserve a death sentence," The cop said back to the guard.

The policeman grabbed his flashlight and swung at Peter's head. He was out cold.
The next day Peter woke up strapped down in a bed. He panicked and squirmed, but he couldn't get loose.

An old woman in a nurse's outfit walked in. She stood beside Peter. She stared at him with a smirk on her face. Finally she bent over and whispered something in his ear,"Welcome to Overbrook Asylum Mr. Meyer."

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