Chapter 22

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Sarah stood in utter shock. She had seen her brother kill on screens, but not in real life. He was a murderer. The blood on his face proved it. Sarah secretly pulled out her phone and called 911. She left the phone on.

"How could you kill him!" Sarah wept. "He was the only family I had left, but you had to kill him like the rest of my family."

Peter snapped out of his anger when he heard Sarah speak. "But I am still your brother and we're family," Peter responded.

"You listen to me and you listen good!" Sarah commanded. "You will never ever mean anything to me. Peter you are a deranged, psychotic, murderer and I never want to see you again!"

Peter was shocked by these words. He had failed to protect his sister. Soon she will be gone with the wind and Peter will be all alone in the dust.

This thought angered Peter again. He ran to Sarah and grabbed her by the hair. Sarah screamed for help as her petite body was being dragged up the jagged stairs. Peter glanced at the long rope sitting next to the ledge on the second floor. He knew what he had to do.

Sarah kicked and scratched, but Peter's grip was too strong for her. She almost gave up until she heard a faint police siren. It was almost too late. Peter had already tied the rope to the ledge and around her neck. Sarah had to buy time.

"Peter don't do this I love you," She begged. These words were all that Peter wanted to hear. Though, another sound caught his ear. It was the police sirens.

"I'm sorry Sarah I love you too," Peter responded.

He grabbed Sarah again and threw her off the ledge just as the police came in. The rope untangle down the side until it straightened out. Sarah hung their lifeless. Sarah was dead.

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