Chapter 11 - First kiss

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“Haha. Guys everything is ok, they can help us!” I say and laugh. They all look shocked at me.

“Ok, so we must punish you, because you lie at us!” Niall says and the others nod. “Let’s tickle her!”

Oh no! I hate when someone tickles me and now 4 want to tickle me!

“Please no! Maybe when I make the best dinner ever, you’ll forgive me?” I try to negotiate.

“No.” They say in a choir. Now they walk towards me, but suddenly the doorbell rings. Oh thank god! So I turned around and run towards the door.

“Huh? Hello, what do you do here?” I ask the boy in front of me. It was Dean, Katia’s friend, who drives us home yesterday. Kat told me that he has a crush on me, but I like him only as a friend. He knows it, but he try to change it.

“I wanna visit you and Kat. She told me that she is here today.” He says with a cheeky grin.

“Ah ok, but not only Kat is here.” I say and so we walk into the living room.

“Hey boys, this is Dean. Dean these are Niall, Harry and Louis.”


“So, I make dinner now.” I walk into the kitchen. I could hear footsteps behind me. Niall.

“Can I help you?”

“Yeah, look there stands the plates and glasses. You can lay the table.” I answer and smile. He smiles back and grabs the plates. “Everything for you miss.” He blows a kiss in my direction. I could feel my head turning red. I hope he hasn’t seen it. After a while dinner was ready, so we go into the party-room. Harry and Louis sit down next to Katia, Niall and Dean next to me. They exchange an unfriendly look, I don’t know why, but I guess they aren’t good friends. I talked to both of them, but Dean goes on my nerves. Every time when Niall talks to me, he wanna talk to me too. “Stop! Dean, do you noticed that Niall talks to me, so please be quiet!” There was an awkward silence. I could see that Niall has a huge smile on his face and Dean looks offered.

After the dinner we watched a movie. I loved it, because so none of them could talk to me! Suddenly Dean’s mobile rings, it was his mum and she told him to come home.

I go with him to the door and say goodbye. He hugs me and ask: “Do you wanna go with me tomorrow to the park? We can meet at 4pm.”

“If you like…” I answer.

“Yes! So ok, see you tomorrow.” He smiles cheeky and kisses me on the cheek.

Yeah, he’s cute and I also like him… but only as a friend… or?


I don’t like this guy, Dean. As his mum called him and told him to come home, I was really happy. Every time when I talked to Dodo, he interrupted me. When Dodo got angry about him, I must smile, because I was really happy about this reaction, maybe she likes me more than him.

After Dean goes, Dodo looked confused.

“Love? What happened?” Katia asked.

“I’ll tell you later.” She whispers and looks at me… this was weird.

“Oh c’mon you can trust us, tell us what happened!” Harry says with a cheeky grin.

“Well… no, it’s a girly thing.” She answers.

Katia yawn. “Sorry but I’m tired. Can you boys drive me home?”

“Yes of course! I’ll drive you first and then pick the boys up.” Harry answers.

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