20 - Broadway Express - Station, Underground - Tunnels - Sarah

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            Sarah could hear them before anyone else. Her mother, Celine and the nice woman Josie, were deep in conversation with a Little Person and two other woman. Next to them, a guy that looked like a librarian was next to a large black woman. She had a shard of bloody glass in one hand and seemed reluctant to let it go. There was another gentleman next to a woman with purple hair. People were crying and laughing and sobbing. Sarah counted twenty people. It was a fast count so there was probably less.

            She knew that subway trains held hundreds of passengers. All that was left of them was twenty people? Where did all the zombies go? Why were they standing here on the edge of the subway platform, not being pursued, why were they not already bloody messes?

            Then she heard the voices of them, the sounds of them in the dark.

            They were coming.


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