Chapter 13

We were half way through the A-Team when the doorbell rang.

"Just let it ring, they'll think no-ones in" I muttered to Calvin and Zoe and we all focused our attentions back to the tv. The doorbell rang again, and again and again.

"Shotgun not getting it" Calvin said

"I don't even live here!" Zoe smirked at me and stuck her tongue out. Groaning, I got up and walked slowly to the door.

'Ding ding ding ding ding'

"Alright! Alright! I'm coming! Geesh' I called as I reached the door. Yanking it open impatiently I was ready to yell at the person on the other side of it.

"What do you w-" I paused when I saw anxious expressions on Luce, Scott and Tyler's faces.

"Oh shoot." I muttered when I realised I was meant to meet them at the pier. "I can explain" I said quickly

"Go" Luce said, her anxious expression had been replaced with anger

"We'll, I- umm...ok, I can't explain. Well, no. I have an explanation, but I can't tell you." I mumbled guiltily, "it's complicated?"

"You ditched us! We know your close to your brother, but last minute like that? Not cool Brooke! And Blake was relying on you to give him a lift, you just ditched him on his doorstep! That's so unfair Brooke!" Luce said dramatically.

I couldn't help but let a flash of pain cross my face as she mentioned his name.

"Okay Luce, leave her alone. We know she's sorry" My head snapped up when I heard Tyler's soft voice soothing Luce. He stared at me in understanding, shoot! What did he understand? That I liked Blake?! NO! I don't like Blake, so it couldn't be that! Did he know about the incident at the shop?

I looked at Luce to see her features had softened, and she opened her arms to envelope me in a huge hug.

"You're forgiven." She said into my hair

"Thank you" I breathed a sigh of relief

"Gonna invite us in?" Luce whispered into my hair

"Umm...hang on" I said quickly, before pulling out of Luce's arms and running to the lounge.

As I entered the lounge I saw Zoe on Calvin's lap, and the two of them were making out

"Hey! Get a room!" I shouted at them, but neither noticed me standing there waving my arms like an idiot. I picked up a cushion off the closest sofa and threw it as hard as I could at them.

"Ow!" Calvin yelped as he broke away from Zoe and rubbed his head. "What the hell?" He glared at me.

I shrugged innocently "Oops. My hand totally slipped. And you two had better get a room because my friends are joining us for movie night."

I turned round and skipped out the room before they could object.

"And a hearty hello to you" I chirped to Luce, Scott and Tyler as I led them inside the house. "We're having a movie night!"

"Yay! Can we watch Zombie town 4?" Tyler asked excitedly, his large brown eyes shining.

"Ew! No!" Luce yelled, "We totally have to watch P.S I love you! The best film ever!" She sang as we entered the lounge.

"Calvin and Zoe, meet Scott, Tyler and Luce, my friends. And you three meet Calvin, my brother, and Zoe, his.." I trailed off unsure what to say.

"Girlfriend" Calvin stated in a confident tone. Well, that was news to me! And to Zoe too apparently.

"What! You didn't even ask me!" She yelped at him

He smiled back sheepishly, "We just made out Zoe!" He said back,

"Yeah, but you didn't even ask me first! You have to ask me to be your girlfriend, otherwise it doesn't count! You can't just make decisions for me!" She glared at him

Calvin paused, before getting on one knee "Zoe. Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked nervously

"I thought you would never ask!" She squealed over-dramatically and pretended to swoon, which made us all laugh.

"I'll go invite the others" Tyler said, taking his phone out of his pocket.

"Right, what are we watching next?" Asked Scott

"What about Alvin and the Chipmunks?" I suggested excitedly, picking the DVD up off the floor.

"A whole movie about singing chipmunks? I don't think so" Calvin gasped. Zoe smacked him on the shoulder

"Yes. Alvin and the chipmunks!" She squealed

"Yay!" Luce chirped as she collapsed in the sofa "Brooooke" she dragged out my name "we need more popcorn!" She whined childishly

Sighing, I picked up the bowl and made up way to the kitchen. I stopped at the kitchen door when I saw Tyler on the phone, sitting on a counter.

"Come on man! You have to come, everyone else is here!" He paused as he listened to the voice I the other end of the phone "Yeah I know she ditched you but your seriously blowing us off for something as small as that?" There was another pause and Tyler scratched the back of his neck "I know what this is about Blake. And I'm not gonna sit around watching you destroy our group because of her. She's one of us now, and if you don't like that, grow up and deal with it." Tyler hung up the phone and jumped down from the counter.

"Hey" I said, pretending not to have heard his conversation. He studied me quickly and then his face lightened, believing my innocence.

"Hey yourself" He chirped, "Hailey and Sam are on their way, but Blake has to go to dinner with his dad so he couldn't make it" He lied smoothly

"Okay, tell him I'm sorry he couldn't come" I kept y voice as steady as possible

"Will do" Tyler smiled at me and suddenly opened his arms to hug me. I was surprised, but hugged him back

"I know Blake's been hard on you, but he likes you, I know he does. He's just...a grumpy teenager" Tyler said softly

"Aren't we all!" I joked. Tyler smiled

"Right we'll I'm off to watch some singing chipmunks!" He said

I chuckled and went about re-filling the popcorn.

Blake Williams wanted to give me the silent treatment? Well. Two could play at that game.


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