Chapter Thirteen - Life After Woodsboro

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Hudson, Ohio
Monday, February 6th, 1998
Windsor College

Y/N's POV:

It's been about two years now since I lost my bestfriends and within those two years I managed to graduate and even get into college. Windsor College has always been my goal along with my old group's goal. I've actually managed to make a few friends and even a boyfriend, Derek. One of my friends, Cici, was actually in Woodsboro and I didn't even know about it! Of course, I'm still friends with Randy and he is tagging along with me.

I'm suddenly snapped out of my thoughts by my roommate, Hallie. "You okay, Y/N? You've been staring off in space for the past five minutes."

I chuckle, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Alright... You better get changed though! We were supposed to meet the group twenty minutes ago. Maureen's probably pissed..."

"Right, sorry!" I say and quickly get changed in my clothes. Once we're ready, we head out on the campus grounds and see our group; Randy, Cici, Maureen, Steven, Derek, and Mickey.

I watch as Maureen places her hands on her hips and glares at us once we walk over to them, "And why the hell are you guys so late?"

"Sorry, Maureen!" I apologize. "Lost track of time."

"Well at least you made it," Randy says.

I smile at him then walk over to Derek, giving him a light peck on the lips. In the corner of my eye, I see Mickey glare at Derek which makes me grow concerned. Once he makes eye contact with me, his glare vanishes and a smile grows on his face. I look away from him and listen to the conversation the others are having.

"What the hell do you mean Halloween is stupid?!" Randy exclaims and looks wide-eyed at Maureen.

"It's so goddamn stupid, Randy! A weird ass killer in a jumpsuit and a white mask, stalks a basic ass white girl then goes on to kill all her friends and then tries to kill her," Maureen explains.

I chuckle as Randy blinks at her, "There was a motive! Every serial killer has a motive! Michael Myers is one of the most famous original slashers."

"And it's all the same motive! Ugly ass killer sees a hot white girl, goes on to stalk her, finds out she has friends, kills those friends, tries to kill the girl he was stalking, somehow the girl survives, and finally the same damn thing goes on for like five more sequels. It's stupid. It's predictable."

Before Randy can even day anything, the bell rings indicating that our classes are starting. He points a finger at Maureen, "This isn't over."

"Figured that much," she says. She then turns to me and Hallie, "You guys wanna walk to our first class together? Mr. Fletcher is gonna be pissed if we're late again."

I nod, "Yeah, let's go." I give Derek one last little kiss then wave bye to the group before walking with Maureen and Hallie.

Time Skip

Once my classes are over, I go back to my dorm and toss myself onto my bed. Hallie soon comes in and chuckles at me.

"You okay?" she chuckles at me again.

"No, I'm starting to think Mr. Fletcher is targeting me..."

I see her roll her eyes, "Oh, stop being dramatic. Mr. Fletcher is not targeting you."

I sit up quickly and look at her, "He called on me five times in the span of ten minutes! He wants me to get an answer wrong, I just know it. He's going to give me a question that I can't answer and then he'll be satisfied."

"Again, stop being dramatic. He does that to everybody."

"Yeah, yeah..." I say and go through my dresser to find some comfy clothes. As I'm looking for clothes, I hear Hallie turn the TV on.

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