Chapter Twelve - The Funerals

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Woodsboro, California
Thursday, October 3, 1996
L/N Residence

Y/N's POV:

I sit on my bed and put my earrings in. I sigh then stand up to look at myself in my mirror. I straighten out the black dress that I'm wearing. I hold the locket that Randy got me gently and open up the heart to see the picture(s) I put in. I let out shaky breath as I glance at the various pictures of my old friend group pinned on my bulletin board.

I walk over to it and pluck the push pin out of one specific picture I have of me, Billy, and Stu. In the picture, I'm sitting on Stu's shoulders while Billy is in front of the camera, smiling like an idiot as he took the picture with my camera. I stare at the picture for what feels like eons until I get ready to rip it. For some reason, I can't... I just continue to look at Stu's goofy grin and Billy's smile.

I feel tears form in my eyes and watch silently as a teardrop falls onto the picture. Why don't I have it in me to rip the picture...? They took so much away from me; I should hate them! But they were still my bestfriends... Why the fuck don't I hate them?

I'm brought out of my thoughts by gentle knocking on my door. I put the picture back up on my bulletin board and wipe my tears quickly. "Come in!" I shout gently to whoever is on the other side.

The door opens to reveal my mother with a sympathetic expression on her face. She scans my face for a moment, "We're gonna get going soon, honey. The viewing will be at the church. Do whatever you need to do to get ready, we'll be downstairs."

I nod, "Thanks, mom. I'll be down in a minute."

She nods then leaves my room, closing the door behind her. I go over and get my shoes for the day then put them on. I look at myself one more time before going to the bathroom and brushing my teeth. I brush my hair one final time and put it in F/H (favorite hairstyle).

I go downstairs and see my parents and B/N already standing in the entryway. My dad smiles gently at me, "You look beautiful, angel."

"Mhm..." I respond.

My dad sighs then grabs his car keys, "Alright, ready to go, everyone?"

We all agree then walk out of the house, making sure we lock the door before we leave. We get in the car then drive to the church. The ride is silent, and I watch silently out the window. Past memories of my friends go through my mind, not making this day any better. Once we make it, I scan the various cars of family, friends, and close neighbors.

We find a parking spot then get out of the car. I see Randy with his brother and sister along with his parents. He waves at me and I wave back. All of us pile into the church and find a pew to sit in. I feel somebody sit beside me and I look to see Randy. He smile gently and grabs ahold of my hand, interlocking his fingers with mine. I smile weakly as I place our intertwined hands on my thigh.

Soon enough, the funerals start... We do the visitation first, each person looking at my bestfriends in their caskets. I walk up but can't stay long due to me beginning to break down. The ceremony goes on next then the service.

All of the people present head down to the cemetery then watch as each casket gets lowered into the ground. I immediately burst into tears as I watch Sidney's get lowered last. Randy wraps me in a hug and allows me to cry into his shoulder. I spot Mr. Prescott breaking down uncontrollably along with Mama Riley, Mr. Riley, Dewey, Mr. Becker, and Mrs. Becker.

Once the caskets are buried, all of us head to the Prescott house for the reception. We walk inside and I look around the house, thinking of all the memories me and the girls had here. As people are eating, talking, and grieving, I go upstairs and go into Sidney's bedroom. I glance at the window, and I go back to the night that Billy snuck in.

I jump as I hear the door creak open. I turn around to see Mr. Prescott with a heartbroken look on his face. I frown, "Hi, Mr. Prescott... I can leave if you want, I just came up here to recall old memories."

"No, no, it's fine. I wanted to talk to you actually."

"About what?"

"Would you be interested in keeping some of Sidney's belongings? You were one of her close friends after all."

"Are you sure? She was your daughter, don't you wanna keep some things to remember her by?"

"I was with her throughout her entire childhood, I have a lot to remember her by, Y/N. Take some things. You can come by tomorrow and pick some things out, I have some boxes you can use."

I nod, "Alright, thanks Mr. Prescott."

"It's no problem, kiddo. Let's go downstairs now, your parents were wondering where you went."

"Okay," I reply and take one last look at Sidney's room. I close the door behind me and head back downstairs with Mr. Prescott.

I talk with a bunch of my classmates, my friends' parents, and other neighbors until the reception is over. I hop into my parents' car then watch out the window like I did earlier in the day. I feel something rest on my shoulder and look to see B/N starting to drift off to sleep.

I smile and wrap my arm around him. I look out the window again until I feel B/N tap my leg, making me look at him. I raise an eyebrow, "Yeah, bud?"

"Why did Billy and Stu do this...? Everyone was so close..."

I sigh, "You'll understand in a few years."

"I guess..." I hear him say before he falls asleep.

I glance up ahead and see my dad glance at me through the rear view mirror. I turn my attention to my locket again and smile slightly. Once we get home, I immediately get changed into some sleep pants and a tank top (or choose whatever you want :)). I lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling but flinch as my phone rings on my nightstand.

I stare at it with a look full of horror then direct my attention away from it until it stops ringing. Unfortunately, the caller calls again. I let out a shaky sigh and close my eyes for a moment before answering the phone, "Hello...?"

"Hi, doll," I hear Billy's voice.

My eyes widen and tears begin to form for the millionth time today, "What the fuck do you want, asshole?"

"What the language, bunny. I just called to check up on you, that's all. I get that you're pissed at us, but we did what we did to get you."

"What the fuck is so great about me? I'm a normal human being. You could've been obsessed with ANYONE, besides me. Why me?"

"I don't know, doll. You just fascinated us from the beginning."

I bite my tongue then slam the phone back on its base. I unplug the phone immediately after that then hug my pillow. I stare at the picture on my nightstand of the whole group sitting at the water fountain. I pluck it off the wooden table and hold it in my hands gently, as if it could break by me merely holding it. I brush my thumb over Tatum and tear up, "If only you didn't go get the beers... I'm so sorry, Tatum... I fucking caused your death; I shouldn't have ever come back... Then maybe you would still be alive along with Casey and Sid."

I place the picture frame back on my nightstand then turn over on my side and fall into a nightmare fueled sleep.

《~~~~End of Chapter Twelve~~~~》

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