Chapter Eleven - The Hospital

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A/N - Hey guys! So sorry for not updating, I'm already swamped with school shit so I didn't have time to write any chapters :') This is a shorter chapter but hope you enjoy it :)

Woodsboro, California
Saturday, September 28th, 1996
Woodsboro Hospital

Y/N's POV:

I wake up and squint at the bright light of my hospital room. I carefully sit up and glance at my parents and B/N sleeping. I look down at my body and notice the various bandages for my cuts along with a boot for my twisted ankle. I sigh at the sight then my head shoots up when I hear a knock on the doorframe.

I look to see Randy standing there awkwardly and gives me a little wave. I wave back then beckon him into the room, "Hey, Randy. How are you feeling?"

"Besides getting shot, I'm good. How are you, angel-face?"

I shrug then look into my lap, "Between me getting hurt and witnessing my bestfriends get murdered by Billy and Stu, I feel terrible."

I feel a dip in my bed and see that Randy has sat down. He lays down gently beside me and pulls me into a hug. I sigh and hug him back. He begins to rub my back gently, "It's gonna be okay."

"How do you know? Billy and Stu said they were gonna come back for me. It's not gonna be okay..."

"Hey, we won't let those assholes touch you, got it?" he states.

I nod then place my head on his chest. I smile as he continues to pat my back gently. We jump as we hear someone clear their throat and we look to see my dad smirking at us.

"What did I just wake up to?" he asks.

I feel my face heat up, but I can't tell if it's from me being embarrassed or flustered from Randy. I glare at my dad, "This is nothing!"

"Mhm, sure it is, angel. And Randy?"

Randy gulps, "Yes sir?"

"If you ever hurt my daughter, I'll kill you."

"Got it, sir," Randy nods vigorously.

"Good," my dad responds then looks at me. I see his eyes soften slightly, "How are you feeling, angel?"

I shrug, "Fine, I guess..."

"Don't lie to me, honey. I know you're in pain in more ways than one."

I sigh, "Will the pain ever go away?"

"Ankle pain? Yes. Pain of losing your friends? No... But you can always go to therapy if you need it. Just speak up so we know, honey."

"I will. Do you know when they'll have the funerals for the girls?"

He shakes his head, "No, not yet. Are you sure you want to go to the funerals?"

"Of course, I want to. They were my bestfriends! I'm not gonna miss their funerals."


"How's Dewey doing?"

"Not sure, we came straight to your room when we got back. We'll check on him once you're discharged, okay?"

I nod, "Okay."

Randy clears his throat making me and dad look at him. He smiles awkwardly, "I meant to give you something but I forget." I raise my eyebrow as he grabs something. He hands me a little box which makes my curiosity grow.

I take the lid of the box off to reveal a heart locket.

I smile as I take the necklace out of the box, "Randy, you shouldn't have

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I smile as I take the necklace out of the box, "Randy, you shouldn't have."

"I know, I just wanted to," he replies with a smile. "You can open it and put one or two pictures in there too."

I open the locket and indeed see two empty spots for pictures inside. My smile grows even larger, "Thanks, Randy."

"It's no problem! You'll have to show me what you put in the locket," he replies.

"Will do."

Third Person POV:

Two certain boys, Billy and Stu are driving on a quiet road. It's been hours since they saw Y/N, but they are frustrated that they lost her so easily. Stu sighs and slumps in the passenger seat causing Billy to look over at him annoyed.

"Stu, I know you're upset but we have to wait. Our main goal at the moment is to find a safe place to lay low for a while. They probably have a manhunt out for us already."

"But we were so close! We fucking forgot to destroy the radio in Dewey's car. If we wouldn't have forgotten, we would have Y/N in the backseat knocked out. One fucking mistake we made. One!"

"I know, Stuart. We'll get her, I promise. Right now, we need to find a place to hide. Any suggestions?"

"Your mom?"

"Good suggestion, but she lives in Ohio. It'll take at least 36 hours to get there by car. We'll need to keep getting gas but Y/N may already have said a statement, causing us to be on the news. We'll have to find a place in the woods or something."

"Probably. How do you think Y/N's doing right now?"

"In shock, that's for sure. Probably in the hospital by now."

"What about Randy? Did you check if you actually killed him?"

Billy shrugs, "I have no idea. But I swear if he tries anything with Y/N, I'll make sure I kill him."

Stu nods, "Got it."

The two continue to try and find a place to hide.

《~~~~~End of Chapter Eleven~~~~~》

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