Chapter Ten - We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

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Woodsboro, California
Friday, September 27th, 1996
Macher Residence

Y/N's POV:

Me and Sidney start running as fast as we can, which is a bitch when you have a twisted ankle, across the yard. We spot the news van and I start yelling, "Help us! Help!"

We get to the fence and Sidney immediately starts breaking the pieces so there is enough room to escape. She crawls through the hole and helps me through afterwards. She helps me run over to the van then we bang on the window.

"Let us in!" Sidney screams which wakes Gale's cameraman. He opens the sliding door and lets us in quickly. "The killer's coming after us! He's in the house!"

"Where? There's nobody in the house, there's a camera in the house. Look," he says and points to the small TV which is filming Randy on the couch.

"Behind you!" Randy yells at the TV. My eyes widen as I see the killer show up behind him.

"Oh, my God. Randy!" I shout.

"Behind you, kid!" the cameraman yells.

"Randy!" Sidney screams.

"Behind ya!" the cameraman shouts before he opens the sliding door. "Shit," he turns around and looks at the TV again.

"What?" I ask worriedly.

"We're on a 30-second delay." He turns around again and we watch as Ghostface appears and slices his throat. Me and Sid scream as he turns around and mutters, "The... door..." He falls to the ground and we watch in horror as Ghostface looks at us. Sidney goes to close the door, but she gets stabbed in the arm. She closes it and pulls me to the back door.

I watch as Ghostface pulls the door open, and I desperately try to crawl closer to Sidney but he pulls my ankle and I scream in pain. He immediately lets go then grabs onto my hips, trying to drag me. Sidney finally gets the back door open and gets through first. I kick Ghostface with my good foot then get out of the door as well. We make a run for it and hop over the fence.

We both run and make it to the road. We run in front of the news van which we see Gale driving. "Stop!" Sidney yells as we try to wave her down. We watch as Gale swerves us and crashes into a tree. We both cry then run back to the house, running to Dewey's car.

"Dewey!" I yell.

"Dewey, where are you?!" Sidney yells as well.

"Dewey!" I shout as we rush up to the house. The front door opens to reveal Dewey.

"Y/N? Sidney?"

We smile then go to run up to him until he falls, to reveal the knife blunged into his back... "Dewey!" I shout and begin to sob along with Sidney. Ghostface appears in the doorframe making us scream as he rips the knife out of Dewey's back then wipes the blood off. Sidney grabs my arm and drags me to Dewey's car. I go and get into the driver's seat and Sid gets into the passenger seat.

Ghostface runs up to the car and tries to get in through Sidney's side, but she locks the door just in time. He then runs to my side, but I lock my door as well. He tries to open the door but watches as I try to find the keys. "Shit!" I yell then hear tapping on my window. I hesitantly look over and see Ghostface hold the keys out. I watch as he drops down and I try to look for him.

The passenger door unlocks, and Sidney is quick to hold it down. Mine unlocks and I hold mine down as well. I pant and begin to hyperventilate. "7825, suspect at 105 north avenue 52," we hear the radio.

Sidney quickly grabs the radio, "Hello. Help us, please! We're at Stu Macher's house on Turner Lane. It's 261 Turner Lane. Please, he's going to try and kill us!" She drops the speaker as Ghostface comes from behind us and tries to choke her. I scream and try to get him off of her. He turns to me and lets Sidney go for a brief moment, allowing her to get out of the car. Ghostface grabs onto me causing me to scream.

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