Chapter Nine - Party Gone Wrong

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Woodsboro, California
Friday, September 27th, 1996
Macher Residence

Y/N's POV:

Dewey parks outside of Stu's house and we get out of the car, bags of food in hand. I look at the house and smile as Youth of America by Birdbrain blares.

"Alright, you girls have fun. Not too much fun or I'll bust ya," Dewey says from the car. Tatum rolls her eyes at her brother's comment, and I chuckle.

"Bye Officer Douche!" I shout before I walk into the house with Sidney and Tatum.

We get inside and it is very crowded. I glance into the living room and spot Randy waving at me. I smile and wave back then see Tatum wiggle her eyebrows at me. I shove her jokingly then we walk into the kitchen.

"Caterer's here!" Tatum shouts and does a little dance. People shout and whoop at the statement making all three of us smile a little bit. We step further into the kitchen and spot Stu holding up a beer bong funnel as a fellow student chugs the beer.

I roll my eyes, "Oh! That's mature."

"You guys were tardy for the party, so we started without you," Stu smiles. "My man!" he shouts when the guy finishes the beer. I roll my eyes as the guy belches then winks at me. We place the food on the counter then make our way to the living room.

Sidney takes her place at the right side of the couch, I sit beside her, then Tatum sits on the other side of me. Stu soon sits beside Tatum and the couple immediately start making out. I roll my eyes and see that Sidney is browsing through a stack of movies.

Randy soon stands up and holds up two videos, "How many Evil Dead?" A few people raise their hands in confirmation and Randy nods. He holds up the other one, "How many Hellraiser?" Again, a few people raise their hands including me.

"Hellraiser right here," Stu says and points to Tatum earning him a swat at the hand.

"The Fog, Terror Train, Prom Night. How come Jamie Lee Curtis is in all of these movies?" Sidney suddenly asks.

Randy comes close to us and grins, "She's the... scream queen."

"With a set of lungs like that, she should be," Stu states.

"Yeah," Randy agrees and grins at me.

I roll my eyes, "You and I both know, Randy, that it's because of her tits. Classic male interest."

The doorbell suddenly rings, and Stu sits up, "Oh, I'll get it." He hops off of the back of the couch but falls causing me to crack a grin. "Hey, Tate, grab another beer, would ya?" he says before he runs over to the door. "There's more beer in the garage!"

"What am I, the beer wench?" Tatum asks.

I smile and look at her, "Yes, you are a the beautiful beer wench. Get me one too, would ya?"

She glares at me jokingly then hits my shoulder making me laugh. As I'm about to say something, Stu comes running back in, "You are not gonna believe who's here! It's that chick from Top Story!"

"Gale Weathers?!" Randy shouts.

Stu nods which makes multiple people start talking excitedly. My eyes widen, "Oh, hell no. Not the vulture again."

"Shit!" Tatum exclaims as she sees Gale and Dewey walk in. She stands up and glares at the sight.

Dewey goes over to a guy and takes his beer, "You're underage, son." He chuckles and grins at Gale, "I'm kiddin'. Have a good time." He hands the beer back to the guy, "Watch the driving."

"Dewey," Tatum calls and beckons him over, "Dewey." I watch as Dewey over to his sister with a big grin. "What's she doing here?" Tatum demands.

"She's with me!" he exclaims happily. "I'm just checkin' things out."

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