Chapter Eight - Everybody's A Suspect!

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Woodsboro, California
Friday, September 27th, 1996
Riley Residence

Y/N's POV:

I exit the house with B/N and Dewey, noticing that Tatum and Sidney are on the front porch looking tense. They notice us and come over.

"You guys going somewhere?" Tatum asks us.

I nod, "I promised B/N that I'd buy him a horror movie at Blockbuster."

Sidney and Tatum nod, "Alright, be back quick so we can go get food before curfew."

"Alright, I got it. See ya in a little bit."


"See ya!"

Me, B/N, and Dewey get in the patrol car then head over to Blockbuster.

Third Person POV:

"It's alive!" the small TV screams in the very bust Blockbuster. A familiar red head comes riding down the aisle on a cart full of videos.

"Watch it, jerk."

"I'm sorry," Randy responds and gets a stack of videos to stock.

"Oh!" Stu yells as he knocks the videos out of his friend's hands. He laughs and leans on the shelf.

"Dork," Randy says as he glares at his idiotic friend.

"Jesus, this place is packed tonight, man."

"We had a run on the mass murder section."

"Comin' to my fiesta?"

"Yeah, I'm off early. Curfew, you know."


"What's that werewolf movie with E.T.'s mom in it?" a customer asks.

"The Howling. Horror. Straight ahead," Randy replies.

"Okay, thanks."

"Oh, now that's poor taste."

"What?" Stu asks.

The two boys look at Billy who's surrounded by two girls, "If you were the only suspect in a senseless bloodbath, would you be standing in the horror section?"

"What? It was just a misunderstanding. He didn't do anything," Stu tries to convince his friend.

"You're such a little lapdog. He's got 'killer' written all over his forehead."

"Oh-kayyy! Really? Well, why'd the cops let him go, smart guy?"

"Because obviously, they don't watch enough movies. This is standard horror movie stuff. Prom Night revisited, man."

"Yeah? Why would he wanna kill his own girlfriend and try to kidnap his bestfriend?"

"There's always some bullshit reason for their target or targets. That's the beauty of it all. Simplicity. Besides, if it gets too complicated, you lose your target audience."

"Well, what's his reason?"

Randy shrugs, "Maybe he fell in love with Y/N and decides, 'Oh, well, I don't need my girlfriend anymore.' Although, I hardly think Y/N would be into Billy."

"Aw, is she saving herself for you?"

"Maybe! Now that Billy tried to take her and mutilate her bestfriend, do you think Y/N would go out with me?"

Stu laughs in his face, "No, I don't at all. No. You know who I think it is? You know, I think it's Sidney's father. Why can't they find her pops, man?"

"Because he's probably dead. His body will come poppin' up in the last reel somewhere! Eyes gouged out, fingers cut off, teeth knocked out! See, the police are always off track with this shit."

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