Chapter Six - The Police Station

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Woodsboro, California
Tuesday, September 26th, 1996
Prescott Residence

Y/N's POV:

"I didn't do anything!" we hear Billy yell as he's slammed onto the hood of a police car. I rub Sidney's arm in a comforting way as the three of us sit in an ambulance.

"Do you wish to give up your right to speak to an attorney and have them present during questioning?" Dewey asks Billy as he's being handcuffed. The town's sheriff finally arrives, and Dewey goes over to him.

"Y/N! I didn't do anything!" Billy continues to shout. He eyes the sheriff, "Sheriff, Sheriff, call these guys off. I didn't do it!" He begins to get dragged to the back of the police car, but her continues to talk to the sheriff, "Sheriff, wait. Wait. Listen, call my dad. Please, call him. He'll tell you. Call him." The cops then forcefully put him in the backseat of the police car, but he still shouts. "Y/N! Sidney!"

We see the sheriff and Dewey walk towards us, "Well, we're seeing a lot of you two today." All of the sudden, a red Volkswagen Beetle come and we realize that it's Tatum.

"Oh, shit! Y/N, Sidney!" she yells as she runs up to the ambulance we're in. "God, guys, I'm so sorry I was late. Are you guys alright? B/N, you alright?" she holds my hand and rubs Sidney's knee with her other hand.

"Tatum, you can't be here. This is an official crime scene," Dewey says as he tries to pull Tatum away from us.

"It's okay. Sid's dad is out of town plus Y/N's and B/N's parents are stuck in London. They're staying with us tonight," Tatum explains.

"Does mom know?"

"Yes, doofus," she rolls her eyes then turns back to us.

"Let's get you guys out of here," Sheriff Burke tells us and helps us all out of the ambulance.

"It's gonna be okay," Tatum assures us.

"Thanks," I say as we head to Dewey's police car. She helps us get in and I smile at her as a silent thank you. I pull B/N close to my side and he rests his head on my shoulder. I hear him sniffle a few times, so I rub his shoulder lightly. I glance at a new vehicle pulling up and watch as Gale Weathers exits it, "Shit, the vulture's here."

Dewey quickly gets in the car and begins driving but Gale rushes up to our back window, "Sidney, Y/N, is that you guys in there?" She looks through the glass and I flip her off in response. Dewey chuckles as we continue to make our way to the police station.

Once we pull into the police station, Dewey rushes us inside and we take a seat next to his desk. Sidney's quick to tell Dewey her dad's location and he quickly begins to search for him on his computer.

After about 10 minutes Sidney finally asks, "Did you find him?"

"You sure it was the Hilton?" he asks.

She nods, "At the airport."

Dewey types a few things in and sighs, "He's not registered there. Could he have stayed somewhere else?"

"I don't know. I guess," Sidney replies while rubbing her temples.

"Don't worry, Sid. We'll find him," Dewey pats her knee but is called over by a policeman about the mask. "I'll be right back," he walks away leaving me, Sidney, and B/N.

Sidney lets out a shaky breath which makes me look at her, "Hey, they'll find him, alright? Everything will be fine."

She smiles weakly at me, "Thanks."

I nod and turn my attention to Sheriff Burke's office where Billy is staring at me through the window. I stare back for a minute, but I'm brought back by B/N tapping my arm to get my attention. I look at him, "Yeah, doc?"

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