Chapter Four - Sneaking In

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Woodsboro, California
Wednesday, September 25th, 1996
Becker Residence

Y/N's POV:

I'm woken up by Mr. Becker and I automatically cradle my head. I groan then look at him, "Where's Casey?!"

As he's about to answer, we both hear a blood curdling scream and look to see that it belongs to Mrs. Becker. Mr. Becker helps me up and we see Casey hanging from a tree, gutted just like Steve had been...

My eyes widen as I let out a scream of pure terror as well. That's the last thing I remember before passing out again.

The next time I wake up, I'm blinded by very bright lights then I look at my surroundings. I notice I'm in a hospital and sigh knowing my parents aren't here right now.

I sit up but immediately hold my head in my hands, groaning in pain. The door suddenly barges open to reveal a worried looking Sidney and her father.

"Oh, thank God, you're okay!" she says  and quickly rushes up to me. She gives me a hug which I return then notice my brother coming into the room after Mr. Prescott. B/N rushes over and jumps onto the bed, nearly crushing me.

"Geez, doc. Crush me why don't ya," I say, and he looks up at me. That's when I notice that his face his covered in a mix of both new and old tears. "Bud..."

All he does is sniffle and bury his face into the crook of my neck. I hug him tightly and soon enough; he falls asleep. I sigh and glance at Mr. Prescott, "Thanks for bringing him here."

"It's no problem. Your parents called and they want you two to stay at our house until they can come back from London."

I nod, "Thanks Mr. Prescott."

"It's no problem, kid. I'm gonna go sign some paperwork then we'll get out of her."

I nod and wait with Sidney until he comes back. After a while, he comes back and helps me get to his car. I'm placed in the backseat with B/N while Sidney is in the passenger seat. Once we get to their house, we get out then get changed in some pajamas. I get changed in some of Sid's pajamas then plop on her bed as she sits by her computer. She turns to me and gives me a small smile, "Are you alright? I can't imagine what you went through..."

I nod silently and bury my head into her pillows to prevent myself from crying. I take a stuffed animal and fiddle around with it while Sidney still plays around with her computer. A little while later, I'm on the verge of going to sleep until me and Sidney hear clattering and glass breaking.

Sid whips her toward the window while I sit up quickly in her bed. I watch as she slowly gets up from her chair and heads toward the open window. She peeks her head out gently to see what's going on, but a hand clasps her shoulder causing us both to scream loudly.

"It's me!" we hear a familiar voice say. I peek my head a little to see Billy.

"Billy, what are you doing here?" Sidney asks as she helps him get into the bedroom.

"Sorry, don't hate me."

Sid looks back to me for a moment until she looks at Billy again, "Oh, my God."

"You sleep in that?" he asks as he eyes Sidney's nightgown. I roll my eyes and lay back down, facing away from the couple.

"Yes, I sleep in this. My dad is in the other room. You can't be here," Sid exclaims.

"I'll just stay a sec," he urges.

"No–" Sidney gets cut off by knocking on her bedroom door. She gasps a little but turns to Billy again, "You gotta go. Go, go, go."

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