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"Babe hurry" I said to Joe as he tied off his last piece of clothing which was his shoes

"I'm coming" he said standing up e walked over to be pressing a kiss to my lips

"so how you feeling, sick, good? anything you need ill get it for you" he said i chuckled

"No I'm fine babe don't worry were both fine right now" I said smiling and rubbing his check

"I cant wait until he or she is born, I can't wait to start a family with you" he said I smiled kissing his cheek.

"now lets go were going to be late" I said softly smacking his cheek and walking away to the car



thank you for the request @LallasoFunny

even though they were supposed to be at the event of stranger things, I just wanted to have a moment between the reader but I think this was good so please send in request because I've had writers block for like 2 weeks now, help 

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