Battle of Hogwarts and the Difference Between The Hunger Games

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Well, today is May 2nd. You know what that means?

TODAY IS THE 17th ANNIVERSARY OF THE BATTLE OF HOGWARTS! Hundreds of people died trying to make the world a better place and we will miss them dearly. (For the non-fandom people, we're talking about the fictional world.)

Today's rant is going to be a little different though, if it is even a rant at all.

I always feel like people overstate the ending of Deathly Hallows to the ending of Mockingjay (aka calling it a really bad ending) and let me explain to you why those two scenarios are totally different.

Mockingjay started out grim to begin with. With the book being utterly devastating from beginning to end, I don't get why people think that Katniss and Peeta were going to get a happy fairy tale ending. Sure, the Hunger Games is finally over and the two got married but the both of them are traumatized from the things the the Capitol put them through. Prim died, for gods sake. Katniss' bloody sister died in an explosion right in front of her. Peeta was tortured and brainwashed by the Capitol. How could anyone in their right mind not be totally shaken by that?!

Harry Potter was very different in the sense of how it started off. It was light at the beginning but got progressively got darker as the Battle of Hogwarts got nearer. It ended on a slightly happier note because as hard as times were with the war, there was that rare ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Harry Potter did not end completely happy with everyone riding off into the sunset but let me remind you that it wasn't as grim as The Hunger Games. Harry was traumatized as well; the poor guy lost Sirius, Lupin, his parents....need I go on?

With that said, rest in peace for the people who fought bravely and died in the war. Hope you guys are happy up there.

A bit short but just wanted to get out there. Comment on what you think of this! Also, I have recently discovered danisnotonfire and I swear to god, he and Phil are hilarious so enjoy the video on the top. :D Sayonara!

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