"Did we ever have s3x,"

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“I don't want him here,” I said while glaring at the all famous Lorenzo DeLuca

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“I don't want him here,” I said while glaring at the all famous Lorenzo DeLuca.

Why the fuck is he even here?

Doesn't he have any where important to be? 

He's a mafia boss for fuck sakes and he's here playing husband

The last thing I remember is him sending out attacks on me and now I wake up in a hospital with him by my side.

He folded his arms over his broad chest while staring at me.

No matter what I say to him he keeps his mouth shut and just stares at me

“Tell him to fucking leave,” I said and Saige sighed.

“Sissy he’s not here to harm you or anything. He's here because he cares-”

“I don't fucking care just let him leave please," I said

“Royalty calm down," he said

So he does talk


“Fuck you,” I said and he's eyes darkened.

What's going on in that head of yours Mr DeLuca

“Saige just keep me updated on her," he said

“She won't be updating nobody on anything,”

“She don't have to I can check in on you whenever I want,” he said before looking up and into the ceiling.

Me eyes followed his and I saw a camera. “How are you guys letting him do this,” I asked but no one answered.

“Count your days Lorenzo because as soon as I'm out of here. You're a dead man,” I said

“Can’t wait princess,” he said before leaving.

“I hate him,” I said while glaring at the door.

“Sure you do," Saige said and I looked at her.

The door opened again and my parents entered the room.

“Where’s Laura? Isn't she coming to see me I mean it have been three days since my surgery,” I asked and they looked at each other before looking at me.

“Baby things changed more than you remember right now,” mom said

“What changed?”

“You and Laura broke up," she said

“What?” I whispered as I start to feel a sharp pain in my chest.

I guest I need more pain pills now.

“Why? Wait where is she now?” I asked

“We'll talk once you get better," dad said.

“Anyway we bought you some food,” mom said before I could say anything else.

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