1~plane ride

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Hey my name is Zoey Caylen. Yes you heard it right Caylen. My brother is Justin (JC) the famous youtuber in O2L.

Right now I'm on the flight to California where my brother and his mates from 02l live. I'm living with them only for a few months because my parents are away on business.

I'm 17 and have a lot of secrets that barely anyone knows. I have long dirty blonde hair with blue eyes with grey stripes

I have a lot of sides. Like the nice sweet shy girl(when you meet me) the sassy sarcastic fun girl (when we are friends) the bitch (when I'm angry ) and the one that not a lot of people know about and rarely see. The broken sad one with so many secrets.

Anyway at the moment there are 3 hours left till I meet my brother at the airport. Just like my brother I'm also YouTube famous.

I have my own channel and I started a little bit after my brother but we have around the same subscribers and I go on tours.

I pull out my laptop and place it on my lap and plug in my headphones. I watch a heap of O2L videos but I have a confession to make.

Kian is my favorite and I have a little crush on him. Okay fine I have a massive crush on him he is drop dead gorgeous. He is flawless.

I watch one of his video and I can't help but stare at him and I didn't even listen to what he was saying. But when we meet I have to keep my fangirl inside and act normal.

I put away my laptop after an hour of videos and decide to have a little sleep.

2 hours later

I wake up to the guy next to me moving around and everybody is getting up. I stand up grab my carry on bags and wait for people to move.

While I wait I quickly fix up my hair and look in one of the mirrors. It will do I have my hair at the moment in curls but my hair is normally straight.

After waiting for the man in front of me to move I look out the window and my phone is changed to the right time in California. It's 10 in the morning.

I walk down the plane stairs and my hair gets blown a bit but not enough so it gets ruined.

My phone was in my pocket and I heard my ring tone 'Something Big' by Shawn. I grab it to see that it was JC.

Jc~ Hey Zoey
Zoey~ Hey JC what's up?
Jc~ I will be there to pick you up in minutes
Zoey~ OK cya then
Jc~ cya
*hang up*

I quickly go to the bathroom then when I'm done and I check my hair and I do put on make up but not a lot on so it looks natural.

I walk out of the bathroom and grab my other bags. "ZOEY I missed you !!!" I heard JC.


hello everyone I'm reading back on this book and the first few chapters are so bad and I'm sorry  xx

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