Heart attack

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He wasn't lying when he said he wouldn't come

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He wasn't lying when he said he wouldn't come. He didn't come the other day either.

Meeting with Stella was a shit show I had to pretend as if everything was okay even though she was a backstabbing bitch.

I hate pretending but I'm good at it when I want to look strong and powerful.

Tomorrow is scheduled for my surgery and I don't think I'm going to make it. I might or might not die. I didn't even know what to feel anymore.

My grandparents and parents call to check up every one hour or two.

I felt like a problem to them and I hate it.

Even though they would try to convince me that I'm not I can't help but think it.

I was pulled away from my thoughts by my maid.

“Miss Valentino you have a guest,”

I wiped my tear before turning around to face her with a smile.

“Who is it?” I asked as I moved away from my pool.

“Mr. DeLuca,” she said and I nod.

“Thank you Betty,” I said she walked away with a smile.

I walked to the living room and Dimitri got up from the couch.

Not the DeLuca I had in mind but whatever

“You look kind of disappointed,” he said

“I am,” I said and he stopped smiling.

“I forgot he said you can be a little straightforward sometimes,” he said

A little? Yeah but I'm not always proud of it.

I need alcohol

“Where is he?” I asked.

“Just like you Regina he runs one of the most powerful mafia clans,” he said and I nod.

He's right

Lorenzo does have a life

“So what do you want Dimitri,” I asked

“I came to ask for your permission directly about a few things,”

“My parents are the ones taking care of the mafia for me. You can speak to them,” I said

“I know that they're in control until you get better but I still wanted to ask for your permission first,” he said

“You can come to my office,” I said as Zara walked in.

He stopped in his tracks and looked at me.

“Or I could ask your parents,” he said and I looked at Zara.

“Zara he's a friend, friend Zara,” I said and she walked toward me before walking towards him.

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