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* * * *

It has now been a month, sense Griffin's disappearance.

Slowly, I've been moving on. But, still processing, as well.

Still have hope that he is somewhere around, being alright. Hoping that he is still alive. Wherever he is....

Today was Friday! School, almost ending.

Robin and I had the same last class, together. The bell rings.

Everyone, heading straight towards the door. Robin and I cheered, throwing our papers in the air. The teacher, noticing. And getting upset.

"Pick those papers up, you two!!" Robin and I stopped laughing, looking at each other.

We both nod, reading each other's minds. Getting up, we both ran out of the classroom.

    The teacher yelling at us, to come back.

"HEY!!" Robin and I were walking in the hallway together, still laughing like crazy. Robin calmed down,

"That will always NOT be funny." He say's.

"Right." I replied, wiping my tear's.

"So, have any plans you're doing, after school??" Robin ask's, looking at me.

"I do, actually."

"Oh? What is it??"

"Well, I have to watch over Gwen. Sense, Finney's going over to Donna's, to finish up their rocket ship."

"Jeez. They're still not finished with that thing?? You even finished, before them." Robin points out,

"Ya, I know. I'm just quick at finishing things, like that." Robin chuckles, by my response.

"You're right. You always manage to find a solution, to any problem. That's just who you are." He say's,

"Thanks. Well, I'm gonna get going now."

"Alright. BE SAFE!!" Robin yell's, causing people to look, and stare at him. Turning around, I yell

"I KNOW! AND! PEOPLE BEHIND YOU, ARE STARING AT YOU!!" Robin turns around, confused.

"WHAT'RE Y'ALL LOOKING AT?!" Laughing, I continue to make my way back home.

• • • •

Sitting on the living room floor, watching Gwen playing with her toy dolls.

She had a doll girl in one hand, and a boy doll in the other.

Gwen made the girl doll fight with the man, causing me to get curious on what she's even playing.

"What're you even playing?" Asking Gwen,

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