Chapter 12: Girl Bodyguard is Kidnapped

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Chapter 12: Girl Bodyguard is Kidnapped

“It’s been an hour.” Dean said, “She hasn’t come back yet.”

Harris walked over to the living room and turned back to Dean, “I know what you mean.” He searched for his pockets.

“Did I do something really bad before?” Dean asked with his eyes widened.

Harris smiled, “Could be.”

Dean sighed, “What did I do to get her upset?”

Harris took out a small device and turned it on. He stood up and held the device higher into the air.

Hearing it beeped, Dean glanced back at Harris, “What’s that?”

He smiled, “I guess we should track her down.”

Dean wondered off a little, “You mean that’s a tracker?”

Harris nodded.


“What do you want from me?” I asked, looking around dark place.

Sitting there by the chair in front of me, I saw a figure. “Nothing much,” he answered.

I smiled, “Well, if that’s the case,” I paused, “then why are you tying me up?”

They finally got hold and tied my hands and feet together. Smart. I remembered last time they didn’t tie them together and I guess I was able to escape.

I glanced over the dark place again. It’s too dark to see anything. The only thing I was able to make out was the shadows. I sighed.

“Check her pockets.” The one sitting down ordered.

The whole group walked up to me, checking for my pockets. They pulled out five guns, of different sizes and shapes, an old cell phone, a few short knifes, a couple of bullet packets, and some scarps of papers. They threw it out, my belongings and they landed on the concrete floor in front of me.

“You have a lot of things for a girl.” The leader one said.

I nodded, “What do you expect?”

I saw him grinning, “I thought you’ll have some mirrors, lipsticks and those makeup things.”

I raised an eyebrow, “You think I’ll carry those things around?” I chuckled, “I’m a bodyguard for God’s sake.”

“Wow. You’re a feisty one.” He smiled, “I like that.”

I rolled my eyes, “Seriously. What is wrong with you people?” I glanced around the group, wearing dark clothes.

“Nothing is wrong with us.” He answered, “We just want something from your friend.”


He smiled, “Yes. Remember Harris?”

My eyes widened, “Harris?” I whispered, What does this has to do with him?

 “I don’t know anyone by the name Harris.” I lied.

He nodded, “Well, you don’t.” He paused, “But we do. And we know that you’re something important to him.”

I rolled my eyes. Great. I was never good with lying, that’s why my bodyguard skills are bad. The only weak point that I have; was that I couldn’t lie.

“What do you want, from that person by the name, Harris, anyways?” I continued the conversation.

He smiled, “I just want something from him,” He stood up, “that you have.”

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