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~August 2022, before going to sleep and then BAM! A sudden story appeared~


First day of school in the university, the students need to go to the administration office for their stident ID card. For those who is yet to pay the registration fee, today is the last day.

Lam is sitting alone under the tree, at the corner of outside the plaza. He choose to distance himself from people while Forth is queuing in paying the registration fee.

Lam couldn't believe that Forth is yet to pay. If he had dificulty to pay, he could asked him. Lam will pay with his lunch money. It's not that expensive.


Lam blinks when someone stands in front ot him.

Lam is looking down to the book in his laps. The first thing he saw is a dusty green sneakers.

Lam blinks. His eyes trails up,

A boy smiled at him.
A suuuuuper friendly smile.

"I saw you alone. Are you okay?"

Lam blinks. He slowly nods. Yeah. He was great. He is far from people—peasants.

"Are you a new student too?" The boy asked.

Again, Lam nods.

"Owh. Same with me." He said. "I was... uhm... saw you when you put your registration in the Engineering Faculty admision. There. Uhm... I take Engineering too."

Lam blinks. He's not sure how to respond to any of that. He's not good at any human interaction,

"I am sorry if you feel uncomfortable. But I want to be friends." He said. "My name is Park. I take Electrical."

Lam, again, just blinks.

Park blinks. "Are you shy, or feel uncomfortable?"

Lam raised an eyebrow. Shy? "Uh...."

"Ah." Park scrowls his own hair. "I am sorry." He smiled thinly. "I am used to befriend with everyone in my village. I forgot that the city is not that friendly." He said and then he turns around.

"My name is Lam." Lam is not sure why he said that. It's unnecessary.

Park was right, the city is not friendly.
Lam vote for that no friendly thing!
But Park looked soooo hurt.

Park turns around.

Lam tried so hard to make a smile. It's awkward. "Electrical Engineering."

Park smiled widely. "Awh! You were just shy!!" He is happy to find that Lam is just shy, not because he felt uncomfortable.

(Well, usually....)

Lam blinks seeing that wide smile.
That smile is soooo pure, unlike how people smiled at him.
He was just too used of how people want to get close to him for his parents' money.

Forth is not one of them. They were close after Lam got into fight and Forth helped him out of bored—he has nothing to do and the fight was in front of him.
Forth never asked for money, he even share with Lam, whatever he has, which is not much.

"It's just me. No need to feel shy." Park said.

Just then, Forth already paid his registration fee. He stops beside Lam and too shocked of what he heard. "You what??"

Lam is startled. He turns shy. "Ah. No... no." He shakes his head as he looks down to his books.

Forth turns to Park.

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