Chapter 3

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First Period: English.

I don't sit anywhere near Alex in English! It's not fair. I feel like I just want to stay by his side, and never leave him. And we've only been going out for half an hour! Okay, I might be exaggerating a little.

I sat down in my regular seat, but Alex was sat way at the front. He turned around and our eyes met. His green eyes looked strangely beautiful in the artificial classroom light. We stared at each other for a while, before Jenny got annoyed and threw a rubber at my head. Ouch.

"Today, class, there will be an assignment that's due in 1 week today. I am going to let you experiment a little with it. Your task is to write a poem about something or someone that truely means the world to you. But you have to explain how and why your chosen subject means so much to you. And why you chose it for your assignment."

Well that shouldn't be too hard. Alex, Alex, Alex, A-...

 "Miss Stevens, are you paying attention?"

I drove my head from the daze I was in and turned towards Mr. Daniels. His eyes, glaring at me. I could feel my cheeks blush. Everyone turned around to look at me. Great. "Yes, sir." Not in a salute kind of way, but a; I better be polite to him, or I'll get a detention, kind of way. His glare became even scarier. I ducked my head. I never knew how scary a teacher could get, until I met him. The way his eyes look you up and down, with that smug look on his face. The way he thinks he's better than everyone else. The way his nose sticks up, (like Lois from Family guy).

"Good," he continued.

I self consciously lifted my head up. Most people had turned around and were looking at Mr. Daniels, again. Alex was looking at me. I gave him a shy smile and looked down. When I looked back up, he was grinning at me. As much as he always did that, he looked so gorgeous.


"Hey, Sam, wait up!" Alex was rushing over to me. He took hold of my hand. I smiled, and Jenny sighed. I looked at her. What's her problem? Ohhh, I get it. She's jealous! Emily walked past. One of Jenny's friends that I'm not very fond of.

"Em!" Jenny half let go of my arm.

"Yeah?" She replied, turning around.

"What lesson do you have next?" She stopped, causing me and Alex to stop.


"Meet you there after" and we headed to next lesson. 


Second Period: Technology.

Sitting on a table with; Alex, Jenny, ...and Aaron. Oh my days. Please, anyone but Aaron. Swap, anyone? Please...?

"Aww, the wee couple's back!"

Oh, lord.

"Give it a rest, Aaron." Aww, Alex was so sweet!

"Why should I? You said I can't get a girl. So, instead, I'll mock you two. It's fun."

"You're sick." I glared at him.

"Woah, lassy. No need to give me evils."

"Yes there is, come back when you have a girlfriend."

"Okay..." He winked at me. It sent a shiver down my spine. "Jenny?"

"Yes?" She was fiddling with her pen.

"Wanna be my girl?"

Alex, Jenny and I, all stared at him with wide eyes. What did he just say? Surely she'll say no. She knows better than to go out with idiots like him.

I looked at her. She was blushing. Why on Earth was she blushing? I raised an eyebrow. "Um," she mumbled. Aaron scooted closer to her. She looked at him, then at me. And back to him, "sure." A huge smile appeared on Aaron's face.

What the actual f-Friday just happened?

Alex sighed. I was speechless. Jenny doesn't even like Aaron. Especially after he bullied her last year because she had a huge spot on her nose. And when I say huge, I mean huge! Oh, and guess who stopped him from bullying her? Moi. And guess who Jenny still owes an IOU to? Moi. The sheer disappointed look on my face brought Alex's attention to me. He frowned, and moved his chair over to mine. He put his arm around me. I cuddled him and at that moment, I realised how well built he was. He must go to the Gym three times a week to look that good.


I decided to walk home with Alex, because I usually catch the bus with Jenny. I can't believe she'd go out with Aaron. I mean, Aaron? She's supposed to be my best friend. Whatever happened to that?

Alex had walked me all the way to my front door.

"Well... Bye," I said, smiling. Instead of going into my house, we just stood there for a while, staring into eachother's eyes. He took a step closer to me. His eyes sparkled as he moved into the sunlight. I smiled, awkwardly. He moved closer to me, until our faces were almost touching. I could smell his warm, minty breath. He pressed his lips against mine, ever so gently; when my house door had opened. I almost fell backwards inside my house. Thanks, Mum.

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