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i cannot believe this is happening right now. i'm in the car with this fine ass man and i cant stop myself from thinking back to those other guys i've encountered within the past days. i look out the window as the wind blows through my hair, i feel eyes on me as i turn to my left and im greeted with the dazzling sight of this man.

he smiles his pearly whites at me and offers his hand to me, i smile eagerly and accept his hand with mine. he smirks and rubs his thumb across my knuckles, i watch as his veiny hand rubs against my smooth soft skin and feel the cool sensation of his rings. wow i'm drooling at the sight of his hands... i need to get a grip.

he speaks up after a couple of minutes slowing down in front of a few outlets of stores.

"there's a few cool stores here, if you wanted to check them out." he says smoothly.

"i would love too!" i say with pure eagerness, we get out and he grabs my hand once more. i could get used to this.


a couple hours later we've shopped till she's finally started to drop, i carry our bags out to the car and realize it's a little past 5,

"hey if you wanted you could come back to my place? i live with a few of my friends and i'm sure they would love some extra company for dinner." i say hoping she says yes, she looks exhausted and i would hate to leave her like this.

"sure! i would love too!" she says grinning from ear to ear before a yawn escapes her perfectly glossed lips. i guide her to her seat and buckle her in again before staring our way to my house. i play some light music and watch as the sun starts to set as i turn and see her barely able to keep her open and start to slightly doze off, god could she get any more adorable?

i chuckle as we finally pull up to the house, and turn off the car. i turn to noelle and slightly shake her shoulder,

"hey hun, we're here. would you like to sleep some more inside? i can carry you if you'd like?" she hums as she reaches her arms out to me, i smile and go around to her side and gently lift her up under her thighs. with one hand under her legs and one placed on her head leaned against my neck, i feel her warm breath fan across my chest and the faint smell of strawberry's posses my nose as i inhale her sweet scent.

i shut her door and make my way inside, the bags can wait till later. i open the door and am immediately greeted with the sound of my friends chatter that starts to slow as they see who i'm holding.

im suddenly bombarded with questions and confusions,

"no fucking way."

"how the hell?"

"what happened?"

i shut them up real fast "quiet, she's sleeping."

"well no shit.." i hear hunter mutter as i carry my princess up the stairs and into a guest room. i wouldn't want to overwhelm her or make her uncomfortable to her waking up in my room or the others.

i start to peel her away from me and set her down into the sheets and as i slowly set her down she starts to whine,

"shh honey, i'm right here. enjoy your nap sweetheart." i say as i push a few strands of her honey blonde hair away from her face and cuddle her in with blankets. she signs happily and slowly starts to fall back asleep again gripping the blanket close to her face.

i smile and make my way downstairs, about to face the chaos that leads.

"before you idiots say anything, we just went shopping and she was tired. and yes, that's the girl that me and hunter mentioned the other day." i manage to get out, before i hear gray say,

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