Chapter 4:


I’m at a payphone trying to call home all of my change I spent on you. My eyes opened slowly, my arm was too tired to turn off my alarm so I let it play as I found myself eventually staring at the clock. I groaned, when I saw the time, forcing myself to get out of bed. I finally made it to the bathroom finding myself a little more awake when I remembered that I had a date tonight I was too tired to do anything special with my now wavy hair, as I had been up until 2 AM finishing the multiple choice, and then the essay portion of the tests. I was proud of the fact that I was the fastest grader in the school, but sometimes it absolutely sucked because it meant late nights and early mornings. I washed my face before applying some foundation, brushing my teeth after I had made an attempt to tame the waves in my hair. As I pinned my hair back from my face I realized that I really did need a haircut, and resolved to make an appointment today.  I made my way into the kitchen, sliding slightly on the hardwood floor as I stepped on the hems of my pajama pants, and put on a pot of coffee. Making my way back into my closet I yanked on a pair of grey slacks which I paired with a dark purple shirt, silver necklace and dark grey mary-jane heels. I scarfed down a muffin and poured the now ready coffee into my insulated mug. I poured in some flavored creamer and stirred it with a long spoon. Glancing at the clock I swore and ran to the living room where I proceeded to shove the now graded tests into my briefcase. Lugging my briefcase behind me I grabbed my purse, keys and coffee, sprinting out the door in an effort not to be late. I quickly plugged my iPod into my car’s radio and blasted a weird combination of Pop and Rock as I made the commute to the Academy.  I pulled into my parking spot a little after 7:40, yawning. I waved to another teacher who was making his way through the parking lot towards the school.

“Hi Kevin!” I called to the computer science and statistics teacher. He paused, eyes finding my face among the sea of expensive cars.

“H-Hello Rian.” He said nervously as I caught up to him. “H-H-How are you?”

“I’m great. How are you? I heard the computer lab got revamped?”

“I-If by r-re-revamped you m-m-mean thousand d-do-dollar computers, than y-y-yes.”

“Wow, it sounds like your class is going to be a lot of fun.”

“I-I hop-pe s-s-so” he responded quietly

“Well I’ll see you later,” I said, making a right where he made a left.

I climbed the wooden stairs, greeting other teachers on my way up to my classroom. It was only a few weeks into the start of the school year, but the air was perfect outside. I pushed the window next to my desk open, letting the autumn air filter into the classroom. I logged into the school computer that sat on my desk, opening safari and logging into PowerSchool. Entering grades takes a lot longer than you would think, and I finished right as the bell rang.

“Good morning Miss Azarov.” Martin Jones, greeted me as he came in and took his seat.

“Hello.” I said, smiling slightly

           By the time the four minutes were up every seat in my class was full. The lecture lasted until the final three minutes of class.

“Okay, test the day after tomorrow, Chapters 3 and 4. Don’t be too rowdy until the bell rings please.”

I sat down at my desk, peeking at my phone

Spike Scarlatti: See you tonight, 7:00.

I smiled to myself, putting my phone back into my purse

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