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8)Gotta Have You

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It's been almost a week since my game. We won by fifty points, with Ty scoring the winning touchdown. Jehari and her mother came to support along with my family, but ended up leaving right after.

I now laid across her bed, my head on her stomach. We were watching Disney Jr. (Don't judge us) and I was playing on her phone.

As we watched Doc McStuffins, Jehari's phone rung. I smacked my lips because whoever it was calling, had made me die on Temple Run.

Sighing, I answered without looking at the contact.

"Jehari's phone, this is Romeo speaking." I mumbled.

"Hi, this is Misty. Can you tell Jehari that we have a studio available from now til six for her?" Shorty said politely.

"Yeah, I'll let her know. Thank you."

"No problem."

I hung up the phone and bit Jehari's exposed skin.

"Ouch!" She hit my back.

Chuckling, I kissed the imprint that my teeth left before sitting up. Jehari glared at me as I leaned down to kiss her cheek.

"Sorry Hari. I luh you."

"Mmhm. Who was on the phone?"

"Misty from State Farm. She said they have a studio available for you from now to six."

"Okay. Let me get dressed." She got out of the bed and went to her closet.

"I wanna go." I said, laying back down.


"To see you dance. Duh."

She came out of the closet with some clothes. Placing them on the bed, she looked at me.

"You have seen me dance."

I straight faced her goofy ass. She know what I meant.

"Ballet fool."

"Oh. Okay then." She giggled.

I watched as she changed into a pair of black leggings, a white half shirt that said Ballet in black cursive, and white flip flops.

She put her hair in a ponytail and sprayed on some perfume.

I stood from the bed and went into her kitchen. Grabbing two bottles of water, I met her at the door and took her black bag from her.

"My Benz or your car?" I asked, looking at both cars.


"I think you like my cars more than me." I stated with pout.

"Bruh, you have five different cars. And who wouldn't want to ride around in a all black Benz?" Jehari threw her hands up.

"Get in the car lil bit." I chuckled.

"Don't tell me what to do. And the doors locked fool."

I laughed and unlocked the doors. Opening hers, I waited until she was comfortable before putting her bag in the backseat.

I got in the car and started it, pulling out of the parking space.

"Where this place at?"

She put the address into my GPS and hooked her phone up to the speakers. I shook my head as she turned up the music.

"Simple ass."

"I would have gave you directions, but I didn't want to."

I shook my head again as she sung along to Jagged Edge's Promise. This girl was crazy as hell.

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