Chapter 1

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Something is off.

As I pull up to my house, I spot a black Toyota taking up my spot in the driveway. Taking hurried steps towards the door, I pause when I see it's ajar.

Shit! Did someone break in?

I'm so still that I hold my breath as I hesitantly put my ear to the door, straining to hear if I can detect any sound. "Baby, you're so hot," I hear someone say, and my jaw drops.

I know that voice.

Jaxon. The man who I've been dating for the past few years. The guy who only yesterday was saying he loved me. The cheating bastard whose ass I'm about to kick.

A feeling of sickness comes over me as I follow the trail of discarded clothes through the hall. The sound of moans coming from the living room fills me with dread, making my skin prickle. I can't believe this.

Jaxon is reclining on the couch, his eyes shut as a naked woman straddles him. His hands tightly grip her waist as her head tilts back, and she murmurs something softly to him. They're so lost in each other, they don't seem to realize I'm standing right in front of them.

I don't know why, but I glance at the clock near the entrance. One in the afternoon. The sun is high in the sky, blazingly hot and shining its bright light. People are all hustling around, probably working or getting stuff done. Me, for instance, I just got out of a tedious and long work meeting. My desk is filled with projects that I need to finish. But look at these two, in the middle of the day, lazily fucking each other.

On my couch.

In my house.

Hell no.

"Get the fuck out of my house," I shout, my body shaking as they startle.

"Jo," Jaxon's widened eyes meet mine as he pulls the girl off his lap, rushing to grab his clothes off the floor.

"I don't wanna hear it," I say through gritted teeth. From my peripheral vision, I see the girl rushing to get dressed, too. I don't give them the satisfaction of acknowledging her.

"I can explain," Jaxon starts, but I cut him off.

"You have two seconds to get out of my house or I'm calling the police." I grab my phone from my back pocket and press 911.

His eyes harden, and he swallows before putting on his T-shirt and ushering the girl out.

Hearing the faint lock of the door, I close my eyes. I should know better than to trust someone with my heart.


Ding Dong Ding Dong.

The loud, jarring sound of the bell interrupts my moment of self-pity. I have been carefully avoiding human contact for the past few weeks. I was hoping I could keep it like that.

Ding Dong Ding Dong.

With a groan of frustration, I turn off the TV and put my carton of cookie dough ice cream away.

"Joanna! Open the freaking door! I swear to God, I'll call the police! Or better, your mom!" I hear my best friend Maria shouting after I ignored the door for a few more minutes.


I'm really not in the mood for her pep talk right now, but the last thing I need is for my mom to join the 'It's-time-to-move-on party'.

"Good morning, sunshine." I swing the door open, holding the urge to roll my eyes when I take in the sight in front of me. She came with a suitcase, meaning she's probably staying the weekend and my plans to live on my couch will have to be put on hold.

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