Note:I have an OC named Avery Romone.She's 25 years old and a drug addict just like Amanda Young(If you haven't watched Saw then it would be hard to understand).So she's in the reverse bear trap.Will she die or make it out alive??

There was a dark room and Ave(short forAvery)was stirring on a chair with a reverse bear trap around her jaw.

Avery:*wakes up and then mumbles*

Then suddenly the TV turns on

Jigsaw(John Krammar):Hello Avery.You don't know me but I do you.I want to play a game.Here's what happens if you loose.

Jigsaw shows a cheese with the reverse bear trap and then when time goes up,the cheese explodes.

Avery:*eyes go wide open*

Jigsaw:If you don't make it out in time the device will snap open and your jaw will be permanently ripped open.There's only one key to open the device.The key is in your dead cell mate's stomach.You only have 1 minute.Live or die Avery.Make your choice.

Avery:*moves and then string falls off and time goes on and tries to open it*

Then Avery tries to open it but then she can't.So she sees her dead cell mate.She walks close to him and opens his shirt.Ave takes the scapel and stabs him repeatly.Then she puts her hands in his guts,and then his stomach and then gets the key.She opens it and throws the device.


Then Jigsaw comes out riding a bicycle.

Jigsaw:Congradulations Avery!You may go home!

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