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       It's now been a week, sense Griffin had gone missing.

The police, no longer doing their job! Not looking for him, anymore.

The police just assumed that he had just run off, or something. Some also think that he must've been....killed.

They don't even care, at all!!

I, still believe he is alive, somewhere.

    He's a strong kid! He has to be alive.

Till this day, I'm going to keep looking for him. And I won't stop, until I find him.

       It was a late, Sunday Afternoon. Finney, Gwen, and I, in the living room floor.

All three of us watching todays News. The screen than changed frames, showing an "upset" cop. Something was up.

    What is it? What is it....??

       The police officer took a deep breath, before speaking.

"Hello, everyone. We came to update all of you about the missing kid, Griffin Stagg. The investigation on searching for him, is now officially closed."

"WHAT?" I yell, sitting up straight. Gwen gasp's, shocked. Finn, looking at me worried.

       "We've tried all that we could, to find the poor child. And, nothing. For now, we assume that he must've ran off. And will eventually come back home, we hope. That's all for tonight. Thank you."

Gwen turns off the TV. Finn, noticing how I was clenching my fist.

       "Y/N, it's alright-"

"I can't believe it!! They literally only been searching for him, for a week! That's it!! They need to search more! This is bull!"

"So sorry, Y/N-"

"LOWER YOUR TONE." Dad yells, getting up from the couch.


"Y/N, please. Just...sit down-"

"No! I don't want to. I'm going to my room." Leaving the living room, slamming my door shut. Laying down in bed, I start to tear up.

       Still can't believe that he's really gone. And, no one literally cares! At all. Not one person.

       Looking at dad, he now looked even more pissed, than he was a second ago. Oh no.

"Oh, she did not just slam my damn door." Dad says, getting ready to go to Y/N's room. No.

"DAD, STOP! She's upset. Let her have time to herself!!" I plead, shaking.

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