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Yn pov

As we were on our way I couldn't but wonder what the surprise is. I mean who wouldn't?

"You excited?" Jaden asked.
"Yeah, you?" I asked back.
"Yeah.." he said looking at his feet.

Did I mention we were walking somewhere?
No? Well now you know.

"Yn..?" Jaden asked.
"I- I really hope you'll like what I have in my mind.." he says nervously.
"I sure will." I said truthfully.
He just smiled...

But for me it wasn't only a smile.
It was THE smile, which can light up the whole world, Which can make anyone smile again.
The most caring smile. The most comforting smile... the sweetest smile.

And don't even let me get started at his giggles or chuckles.. it might sound creepy or smth, but it's the prettiest sound I've ever heard. If you disagree then you broken!!!!

I mean have you seen him?
He's the most caring person ever!!

"We're here" Jaden said breaking me from my thoughts.

It was a sunset night. We stopped at a bench with a basket.

"Jaden.." I said.
"What? Don't you like it? I'm sorry I-"
"Don't be sorry!! I love it! I really appreciate it!!" I said comforting him.
"I really don't deserve you.." he said.
"Being honest I'm the one who don't deserve you,  I mean have you seen yourself? Or have you've been listening ti yourself?"
"I-I'm sorry." He said.

"Well don't be! Because your the best boyfriend ever. You are good looking and you have a amazing personality!" I said smiling after every word and not regretting saying any of it.
"And please don't get me startet at your smile.. i would die for it!"

"Yn, I- I don't know what to say. I mean always, since  those idiots started this bet, I never fell in love before. Your the best thing that ever happened to me! And I really hope to never lose you ever!! Because you the most important person in my life! And actually now I'm even happy this bet started, because now, I have you.."

I could help but let out a tear.

"Not even death can tear us apart! Your honing to be mine forever.. I promise you!" Those were his last words...



The last words before he...

"And for you to remember my promise... I got you these, well us!"  He said with a huge smile on this face.

(You choose it you can think of what you like)



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