A Summer in Hell

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Hey guys! This is my very first story for a long time. I know, there may be some mistakes, so please, bear with me for a while(: I know it's short and slow at first, but I promise you that it will get better later on. Hope you like it n_n Comment and rate on it please :D I'll return the love <3

Chapter One

My parents were discussing what to do with me downstairs. I tried to listen in on their conversation, but they kept their voices on a low volume. With a sigh, I went back upstairs and plopped down my bed.

My bed started vibrating vigorously against my wooden desk. I shot up and picked it up quickly. “Lauren?” My boyfriend’s voice was heaven in my ears. After listening to my parents bickering at each other and scolding me, I wanted to hear someone else’s voice. “Can you meet up with me right now?”

I looked at my clock. It was almost midnight. “I don’t think so,” I said hesitantly. This is the first time I ever refused to meet up with him after hours. “I mean, my parents might check up on me in a couple of minutes.”

Christian sighed on the other end of the line. I could just imagine him rubbing his temples. “You’re in that much trouble?”

“What do you expect? They caught me drinking and smoking. I’d be lucky to get out in a week.” I heard footsteps in the hall, so I hurried Christian off the phone. “I’ll give you a call later okay? Bye, love you!”

My parents opened the door. My mom sat on the bed next to me while my dad stayed by the door, giving me a nerve wracking look. “Lauren,” my mom’s hushed voice somehow sent chills down my spine. “Your dad and I came to a decision.”

She gave my dad a look and nodded. “You’re going to live with your grandmother starting next week,” my dad dropped the bomb without any hesitation. “We already gave her a call and she would love to take you in for the summer. While you’re there, you’re going to help her out with house chores.”

I grunted and started to argue but my mom cut me off. “This is your punishment, Lauren!” Her voice suddenly grew louder. “We don’t know why you’re doing whatever you’re doing, but we want to help you out!”

My mom burst in tears and my dad gave her a hug, hoping to calm her down. “You always make your mother cry!”

“Then you shouldn’t have made the mistake of giving birth to me!”

The next day, my dad threw all my belongings into the car and forced me to go inside as well. “You’ll have plenty of time to fix that attitude of yours,” he slammed the door and started the car. Even though it’s summer, I could feel a cold breeze in the car. “Your mother and I gave you everything you needed and this is how you repay us? What kind of a daughter are you?”

“The type that doesn’t give a damn about anyone else but herself!” I screeched on top of my lungs. The two of us became quiet. I drowned myself in my music and held my tears back. Crying will not help me in this situation. It’ll only make me seem like a weakling.

Two hours later, my dad and I pulled up in my grandma’s house. She was waiting by the porch with a big smile on her face. I gave her a hug and she led me up to my room. “Oh, Lauren, I’ve missed you so much!”

The room was still the same – the pictures I drew when I was little were hanging on the wall. She replaced the old wallpaper with new pink, flowery one. “I missed you too maw-maw!” That was the truth. My grandma was the only one that truly understood me. To be honest, I don’t think of this as a punishment.

“Stay up here and unpack your stuff while I go downstairs and talk to your father.”

I nodded and watched my grandmother leave the room. There were a lot of noises coming outside. I looked out my window and watched as some of the guys skate. They were recording each other and laughing whenever someone fell off balance.

A guy with dirty blond, shaggy hair looked up the window. It was as if he knew that someone was watching them. A half smile appeared on his face and invited me downstairs. I shook my head, knowing that my dad wouldn’t allow me. With that, I closed the curtains and unloaded my bag.

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