Chapter 15

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I sprang out of bed the next morning to find that all of my equipment had been set up on the desk in my room! It was a pleasant surprise, and then I noticed that there was a note taped onto the monitor.
I saw you sleeping so I decided to set this up by myself. See you in the morning, Adam.
The note read.
"Cool." I said out loud to no one.
I set up the recording program on my computer, and got recording a survival serise that I do by myself. It was this hard core vinilla Minecraft survival, and it was actually pretty fun. After I was done, I edited it and uploaded the video. It had been a while, and my fans who don't follow me on Twitter commented things like "I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!!!" and "WHERE WERE YOU????" but were replied by other subscribers. I was thankful for all of the supportive comments on the video, as always, and spent time replying to some comments.
After a while, I decided to get some lunch, because it was already noon. I walked downstairs, still in my baggy pajama pants and minecraft t-shirt. I also had a serious case of bed head. I would fix it later, though, because I remembered that I was going to the social worker's office later that day. I saw Adam in the kitchen when I went downstairs.
"Hey sleepy head." Adam said.
"Hey. Thanks for setting up my equipment." I replied.
"No problem." He said.
"I'm heading to the social workers office today to submit my background check and see how early I could get Carter. Wanna come so you can fill out yours and get some for the other guys?" I asked, opening the pantry to see what was in there to eat. I pulled out a can of soup and plopped it into a bowl and put it into the microwave.
"How about we all go to the office so we could see if we qualify to get him." Adam suggested.
"You think the other guys would want to do that? I haven't even told them I'm adopting Carter yet." I explained to Adam, setting the timer on the microwave and pushing the start button.
"Don't worry, I'll convince them." Adam said, smirking.
I gave him my what are you planning look, and he just smilied at me. He ran up the stairs afterwards.
Oh no. I thought. It's Adam; he could be up to anything.
I then heard a stampede of footsteps coming down the stairs. All of the boys came rushing into the kitchen. Everyone started speaking at once, except for Adam, who was standing in front of everyone obviously trying to fight a smile. I couldn't understand anyone over all of the voices going on at once.
"Okay, guys. One at a time!" I yelled, trying to get their attention.
They all quieted down after that, and all yelled in unison,
"Who told you that!?!?" I replied.
"Adam told us you were getting a child!" Jerome exclaimed.
I knew he'd do something like that. I thought.
"Who's the father?!" Jason exclaimed.
"Yeah, I didn't know you were dating someone!" Mitch said.
"What if it's one of us,and they're not saying anything." Jerome speculated.
"Who hasn't said anything yet?" Quinton asked.
Everyone stared at Adam and Ty. I had to fight back laughing or smiling.
"It's me." Adam said, putting his hands up.
"WHAT!?" Everyone exclaimed.
Adam stood next to me and put his arm around me.
"I'm the father." Adam fake-admitted.
"Please tell me this is some kind of sick joke." Ty said.
"How long are we going to keep this up?" I whispered into Adam's ear.
"No, this isn't the best time to mention it's twins." Adam said.
"Why would you say that out loud?" I asked, playing along with Adam's little prank on the guys.
"WHAT!?!?" The guys exclaimed again.
"Yeah, it's twins. I'm sorry you guys had to find out this way."Adam said.
I had to try so hard to fight the laugh that was trying to escape my lips. The other guys just stood their in awe. Adam and I broke at the same time and started laughing at the same time. The guys stared at us, looking very confused.
"WE GOT CHU!!" Adam and I exclaimed at the same time.
"I knew it." Quinton said.
"Yeah, but guys, I am getting a child. Well, more like a teenager. The boy we rescued yesterday was an orphan. Can you guys go to the office with me today and fill out background checks?" I asked.
"Oh, umm, okay. I'm still kind of shaken up about the baby thing. You got us. You got us real good." Ty said, laughing.
We all got into our cars, and we rode to the social worker's office. The guys picked up background checks and filled them out. We then gave them to the social worker.
"Okay, everything seems to be in order. You can probably get Carter sometime next month. If you pass the house visit, that is." The social worker said.
We nodded.
"When will that be?" Adam asked.
"Well, I could stop by tomorrow afternoon if that works for you all." She said.
"Yeah, that'll work." I said.
"Well, I have an appointment with a couple in a few minuets. I'll see you all tomorrow around three." The social worker said.
We left her office and drove home. We needed to prepare the house for tomorrow.
"Where will his bedroom be?" Jason asked.
"We can put his room into one of the guest rooms." Adam suggested.
"Yeah, but what kind of things does he like? Does he know about youtube and stuff?" Mitch asked as we cleaned up the kitchen.
"Yeah, he said he's actually a fan of me. He recognized Adam and I when I went to get my stuff he had found." I explained.
"Whoa. That's awesome! We're gonna have a little fan boy in the house! Speaking of which, how old is he?" Jason asked, spraying some cleaner on the dirty stove and wiping it off.
"He's about thirteen or fourteen." I said.
"Oh, see he's not a 'little' fan boy." Jerome said, also cleaning up.
"Yeah, but he's cool." Adam said.
We continued cleaning the house up, and went to the store and got some things for Carter's room. I climbed into the cart and had the guys push me down the aisles of the Target. We ended up getting Minecraft posters to cover the plain white walls and we also got him a desk. We were going to put my old gaming computer out for him, so if he wanted too he could be in our videos. We went back to the house and put everything into Carter's soon-to-be room. I knew we would pass the inspection. I just knew it.

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