Should've listened

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Hannah's pov.

Honestly maybe I should have listened to Liam. I woke up the next morning with my head and stomach hurting. It could have been all the food Niall and I ate last night but still I doubt it. I went to my closet and put on some sweats and Louis' sweatshirt that I took with out him knowing. I walked downstairs only to see Liam cooking breakfast.

"Oh  Hannah want some bacon?" Liam asked.

"Always." I replied.

"Here." He says handing me a plate of bacon with toast. I began to eat when Louis,Niall,Harry,and a very tired looking Zayn came down.

"Hi guys." Liam said sitting plates down infront of them.

"Uh." They all groanded.

"Anywho what are we doing today?" I asked.

"Uh I'm doing nothing." Zayn said.

"Me either." Liam said.

"I'm going to ask Summer on a date for tonight." Niall responded.

"I'm gonna ask Bekah to go to the movies with me." Harry informed us.

"Louis?" I asked. I was hoping he would ask me on a date. But whatever.

"No comment." He replied.

"Well I'm going to go change." I saod before getting up.

I walked upstairs and changed into a pair of black leggings and a purple shirt that says Always Believe in yourself ; after I took a shower. I walked downstairs and out the door not even bothering to look at the boys,and now girls, sitting in the kitchen. I walked down the road and towards the starbucks that was down the road. After walking in and getting a carmal latte I walked in the left direction.

A few moments later.

I looked around only to notice one thing. I was lost and I had no clue where I was. Also some other things. I have no clue what the sound behing me is. Where is a trash can so I can throw this stupid cup away? And why do I keep ignoring Louis everytime he calls/texts?

Louis' pov
While Hannah is gone walking this is what has been happening back at home.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" Liam yelled at me.


"BECAUSE YOU DON'T JUST TELL A GIRL THAT!?" Liam screamed. Ya see everyone was sitting here watching Liam and I argue. They all have problems.

"SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND I DO WHAT I WANT!" I screamed walking out the door. I tried ringing Hannah again. Before Liam and I started arguing I had tried to text and call her with no luck. Still no answer. This is perfect what if something happened to her? You see the reason I didn't tell Hannah that we was going on a date is because I wanted it to be special. The whole thing. From the way I asked to all points in between. Now it's not. I can't find her and she is mad at me.

Wanna meet up tonight? I could use somebody.

I texted my long time "friend". If you could call her that. I thought about what this would do to Hannah if she found out. I pressed send anyways and then waited for her respond.

Always. I am always waiting for you anytime you need. ;)

Yeah i know but you still can't let Hannah find out.

Why dont you just dump her already. Then we could be someone better.

No you know I have always loved her Im not blowing my chance with her.

Well by meeting up with me your chances could be ruined.

Thats why you arent going to say anything and i wont stay the night.

But you always do :(

I know but I cant let her know.


Fine I will see you later bye


I knew I would regret this but still I need to get my mind off Hannah for aleast a few hours. Regretful desion but still. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Hannah's pov

I finally text someone after I realzed I was EXTREMELY lost.

Niall help.
Whats wrong?

Yeah I decided to text Niall. I didn't want to deal with Louis right now.

I think I'm lost.
Do you see anything? Describe your location as best as you can.
Um well do you remember when we went to London with mum when we were little
Yeah so?
I remember seeing the park we went to a little ways back.
Stay where you are and I will come looking with Liam and the girls Ok?
Alright just please hurry.
I will try just dont move.

I would have to lie if I didn't say I was scared out of my mind. I knew there was gangs in London. Most of them had been busted but still. This looked like gang territroy. If there was a gang near by here or not it still scares me. I hope they come like really soon.

Niall's pov

I quickly grabbed my jacket and told Liam and the girls to get in the car. After that I explained how Hannah was lost and she was near a park we used to go to. They were all worried as we drove around looking for her.

"Are you sure she was right about the park?" Liam asked.

"How could you say that?" I asked. "I thought you would be concerned for her but obviously not."

"I do care about her it's just that." Liam started.

"Your jealous that she left because she got mad at Louis and that she isn't yours but his." I finished.

"What are you talking about I don't like Hannah." Liam stated.

"Oh that's right." I nodded my head. "You love her."

"Guys look there she is." Summer said pointing to a person. I quickly stopped the car and got out.

"Han are you ok?" I asked hugging her.

"Yeah." She informed. "Ni you know I just went for a walk right?"

"Yeah but." I started. "You know what? Let's just get home."

"Yeah let's." She spoke walking towards the car.

Hannah's pov
Back at home.

"Hey Hannah your home." Harry spoke." But you just missed Louis he left."

"What?" I asked.

"Yeah said he was meeting an old friend but Hannah I don't think he is." Harry sighed.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause he left his phone here."


"Well he got a text and I knew the passcode so."

"And who was it from?"

"I thought it was from you but when I looked back through the messages." He replied tearing up. "I'm sorry Hannah read them yourself. You deserve to know."

" What's the passcode?" I asked scared of what I would see.

"1224." Harry replied. "His birthday."

"Alright." I replied walking upstairs. I unlocked his phone and began to read the messages under the title Forever Mine <3. Ok well the title hurt. I read through the messages and it only got worse. I ended up crying when I realized a few things.

1.) Louis was using me
2.) He never really loved me
3.) He is meeting up with her tonight and thats why he wouldnt say what he was doing.
4.) I have been lied to this whole time.
5.) I feel deeply in love with a liar. 

I shall update again today. Anywho I have updated this much and I will as promised update again. Mainly because this wasnt as long as I hoped. Anywho comment and vote. Have a nice life

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