Chapter 13

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Cadee's POV

Today was the day. I could feel it. I was going to touch Knight.

On the outside, I try to let people think that I'm not obsessed with horses or anything like that, but on the inside, I would rather hurt myself than a horse.

During my morning lesson, I went inside Knight's stall with a few peppermints in my pockets. "Hey boy," I said softly. He just stood there cautiously, and watched me. I took slow steps in his direction, and when I was a few feet away, he bared his teeth at me and pinned his ears back. "Easy boy, I'm not gonna hurt you," I said softly. I unwrapped a mint and held it on my hand, then stuck my arm out toward him. We stood there for a full 5 minutes before Knight stuck his nose out to smell the treat. When he realized it was a treat, he took a baby step forward and nibbled the treat off of my hand then went back to his corner. I should just stop there, but I feel like I had to keep going. So I offered him another treat, and he took it the second I offered it to him. I gave him another one, then decided to be risky. I grabbed his halter and lead rope, then I slowly walked up to him and gently started to slide the halter on his face. He was frozen, to confused wether to attack or trust me. But he chose to trust me, and I haltered him, and when the halter was on, I gave him another treat. I lightly petted his nose, and he nuzzled my shoulder. At that moment I felt something click. This felt so right. Knight was my horse, and he needed me. No more complaining, this is for Knight. And this is exactly the reason that my parents made me come here.

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