Chapter 3- Eros

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February 13
Rudy’s Bar and Grill
New York City


Tonight is a different night. This will be the first night I will join the others. I never really liked going out especially when it’s with other gods. But tonight I have another motive. I need to know something and they can help me.

I pushed the door open and was instantly enveloped with a new atmosphere. The scent of smoke and alcohol hung in the air. It was also mixed with the smell of sweat and loud blaring music that hurt my ears and pounded away at my chest.

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. I hate this... But it is something I must do.

I walked further and saw the scantily bodies gyrating on the dance floor. They were pressed close to each other, both sweat and breaths mingling as they swayed to the beat of the music. I scanned the crowd to look for a familiar face but all I saw were mortals locked in a passionate embrace.

“Thanatos!” a voice shouted and my head whipped back. I turned around to look at whoever called out to me. A tall blonde man approached with two ladies in his arms. He grinned and his smile made the nearby girls swoon.

“Eros.” I greeted and then leaned on the wall and regarded him with a nod.

“Lovely to see you! Absolutely lovely. I haven’t seen you here since... Well... Err. Actually.. Never.” He said and then stepped towards me.

A beam of light hit him and I was able to see what mortals called his perfect blonde hair and his perfect eyes, his perfect teeth, his perfect chiselled body and his perfect tanned skin. All eyes of the female mortals were on him even though they had mortal companions of their own. It was like Eros was a magnet and they were all drawn towards him.

And they could do nothing to fight the attraction. He is Aphrodite’s son after all... The women looked at him through heavy-lidded eyes and sensually pouted lips. Their bodies responding to the waves of desire that emanated from the God.

“Yes. This is my first time here.” I replied.

“We best go then. I’ll take you to the place where we hang out. It’s a lot quieter there.” Eros said. He let go of the two women in his arms and blew them both a kiss. They nearly fell on the floor while all the other women eyed them with obvious envy.

I followed Eros as he walked across the bar but he suddenly stopped and I bumped into him. “Wait. I sense true love right around the corner.” He said and then grinned. If I didn’t know that this was his profession, I’d have said that his words were too cheesy or that he was nuts.

He held out his hand and it glowed. Then his silver bow appeared. He held out his other hand and a silver arrow with a red tip appeared and he quickly loaded it into the bow. “See there? That’s attraction.” Eros pointed out to me. He cocked his head towards the bar where a woman sat, drinking a shot of vodka alone. A man was standing beside her, looking at her and unsure of whether to speak to her or not. The man had a funny look in his eyes.

“In two years, they’ll get married and then they’d have four children and shall be with each other until they die. It’s a great one and there are very few of those.” Eros prophesied. Then he bent the string of the bow as far as it could go and aimed it towards the man. He let the arrow fly and it found its mark.

“You made that mortal fall in love with the girl?” I asked.

“Gods, no! Love isn’t something that can be made. It’s something that develops. I saw their potential. I saw the attraction. They are lifemates but they do not know it yet. Theirs is a great love story... And in this time and age, there are only a few of those. Some lifemates do not even meet in their entire existence. Some do but sometimes they let circumstances drive them apart... Their love has a really great potential... But as you saw, the man was clearly shy so I just helped hurry things along. That arrow was a shot of confidence.” Eros explained and then he grinned.

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