16 : Deutz

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'Circumstances shape a person'

Third person P.O.V

To say her mum is mad at her would be an understatement. To say Ryan's presence in the room and participation in the matter angers her is also an understatement.

"Olivia, have a seat please," Ryan says motioning to the armchair across him and Rachel--who are sharing the white satie.

She wordless continues to stand. "Olivia," Rachel sighs. "Just do as you're told for once," she admonishes. Her reaction causing Olivia to frown in concern, she doesn't sound like herself right now Liv notes.

But wanting to avoid getting into any more trouble than she already is in, she tentatively takes a seat as instructed.

The observant 16-year-old's primary instincts are to assess the situation to gauge the amount of trouble she's in and consequently prepare herself for the impending verdict on her punishment.

But the frown lines on Rachel's otherwise wrinkle-free face draws her to be concerned--how worried was she?--not about her punishment, but concerned about her mother's health.

Ryan's arm is wrapped around Rachel's shoulder possessively, his palm rubbing her arm in gentle encouragement. While his other hand held loosely in it a whiskey glass, with a rich brown liquid inside that he took occasional sips from.

"Liv, do you want to explain yourself?" Rachel asks, offering her a chance to come clean--like she always did in a situation like this, which was extremely rare in Olivia's case.

She's a smart kid, that keeps out of trouble, but even the smart ones make mistakes, Liv did too occasionally.

"I ju--"

"Rachel we've discussed this," he tells Rachel in a firm voice while cutting Olivia off, he then shifts his attention towards her. "There isn't anything to explain," he concludes on her behalf in a stoic tone. "You broke a rule, and you will be punished accordingly."

This sudden display of misguided authority that Ryan assumed he has over the teen, irks her, but she holds her silence.

'What business does he have here? This is between me and my mum like it always has been. I for the life of me don't find his inputs welcome between us mother-daughter. '

She thinking bitterly, finding the anger slowly building up within her justified.

"Mum?" She looks to her mother for some form of support. But she doesn't find any.

"He's right, Liv. I've been going way too easy on you," she agrees much to Olivia's betrayed astonishment.

'Easy on me? I've barely ever broken any rules before'

"And you took blatant advantage of your mother's kind nature," Ryan remarks sternly.

'Excuse me? Who is he again?' She withholds her words. Again

"I never been so disappointed in you Olivia," she admits solemnly.

'The disappointment card really?' She feels like asking her, unimpressed by her tactic, but she silences her thoughts, yet again.

"Olivia we expected more from you. Rebellion is one thing, blatant defiance is another," Ryan remarks.

This just so happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back and fuelled with teenage rebellion and irritation towards this particular adult she can't help but roll her eyes at him. That doesn't go well with either of them.

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