The Rose Pendant (9)

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Ever since I was little my father has been a complete control freak. He always made sure that whatever I did was done perfect, because he couldn’t have a failure as a son. It drove me crazy, and still does to this day. If I even come close to getting an A- in school my father stops by for a visit. Let me tell you, those surprise visits are no fun.

So you see, I can’t let people take advantage of me, because I have my father to do that. I don’t want people to try use me because of who I am. Of course, being my father’s son has some perks too. Everyone is afraid of my father. He is a very intimating man. So people assume that I am intimating also, I guess I can when I want to be, but truthfully it’s not the real me. It’s my shield. And I’ve been using it a lot lately…

The moment when she stepped into my room for the first time I could feel her. It was the most surreal feeling ever. Her blood called to me, electrifying every inch of my body. It was something I had never felt before and it scared me. My body screamed for me to get closer, but I willed myself to stay put. God I wanted her so bad.

How could one person affect me so much? The moment I realized how much she could control me with her amazing smelling blood, my shield went up, ten times stronger than normal.

All of these feeling and more, surfaced even before I heard her beautiful voice. Gahh!? What was I going to do? I, Storm Ray Hearth, couldn’t let some little girl play with my emotions. So, I did what I needed to do. As much as my heart told me not to, I tried to scare and bully Holly, but she wouldn’t leave. Inside I was happy, but I didn’t show it. I was surprised by her strength which was weird because most people were scared by my harshness.

I never thought that Jay would be a problem, he was so loyal to Libby. I guess he realized that Holly was an amazing girl, just likeI had. But why the hell did she like him anyways? He always loses his temper over the stupidest things. I didn't want him to hurt her; emotionaly or physicaly. I knew he would, because losing his temper was a daily thing and he would never leave Libby. I was so jealous of Jay that I lost my temper too. I didn't mean to hurt her, but she shouldn't have been with him. I didn't want her to be with him.

Although I hated myself for hurting her, I never would have ended up in detention if I hadn't. And then I never would have found out who she really was. Holly Marie Hale. God she is a frickin' Hale; the closest to royalty that you could get. If everyone knew who she really was, she would be just as famous, possible even more famous then my family and me. It's funny to think what my life would be like if her parents had stayed in London all those years ago. Would my life be the same? Would I be the same?

My heart just about broken when she told me that her family had been murdered. No wonder she didn’t leave, she had no where else to go. But, it felt good that Holly had opened up to me even after everything I had done to her. Truthfully it made my heart ache. I wanted to be with her so bad. I started thinking about telling her everything, but of course I never got to.

When Jared lifted up the last bookshelf and saw Holly sitting on my lap he raised an eyebrow. Crap he caught me being nice to her. What would he say later? What would I say? I never should have let my guard down, but god this girl made me feel crazy!

But I could fix it, I always did. It might be painful to hurt her again, but I had to protect myself. I pushed my feelings down, deep down and spoke:

“You really need to be more careful next time Holly” The look of surprise on her face cut right threw me.

“Me? That wasn’t my fault!”

“Was to, if I didn’t have to save your butt then we wouldn’t have been stuck under there.” I felt sick to my stomach.

“Yeah, but if you didn’t push me out of the way we both would have been squashed.”

“So you’re saying that you saved us by being a damsel in distress? If I remember correctly I pushed you out of the way, so you should be thanking me.”

“But I already thanked you!”

“Not that I can recall.” This of course was a total lie…

“What’s your problem Storm? You were so nice before, why are you acting like this?” Oh god she was starting to cry. Please don’t cry!

“Acting like what?” I asked. Her face and shoulders fell, defeated, betrayed. She wiped away a tear and told me what I never wanted to hear her say.

“Storm Hearth, I hate you! I shouldn’t have told you anything!” 
I tuned everyone out after that. Did she really hate me? I wanted to throw myself at her feet and apologize, beg her to forgive me. But it was too late. She went running to Jay leaving me empty and numb.

Sorry guys that I haven't uploaded this is a while. I really haven't had time to edit it. So, this chapter isn't edited, but I felt bad about not posting in a while. 

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