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"Oh my god

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"Oh my god. You guys look stunning," I said and they smiled at me.

"Thank you,"

"Thanks sis," Saige smiled.

"Where are you guys going?" I asked as I eyed Stella and Saige's dresses.

"Lorenzo's birthday ball," Saige grinned and I stopped smiling.

"Lorenzo's birthday?" I asked

"Yes, weren't you invited?" Stella asked with a bright smiled

"No I guess not," I said and they stopped smiling.

"Are you sure?" Stella asked

"Yes," I said while tucking my hair behind my ears.

"How sure are you? Everyone go invited even mom and dad, maybe your invitation got lost or something-" Saige started and I cut through her sentence.

"I should get back to work. I hope you girls enjoy your night and don't drink too much. Keep your eyes open because anything can happen," I said

"You should come?" Saige said

"I have work peanut," I repeated

"Work that dad told you he would take care of," she stated.

"I'm not that fragile. I can handle a couple of paperwork sis,"

"Are you sure? Maybe I should stay-"

"No you guys should go and have fun," I smiled and she sighed.

"Okay, I love you bye,"

"I love you too," I said and they walked away.

I picked up another whiskey bottle into my hands and returned to my office.

I opened the bottle and poured some into my glass. I started my work until I was out of whiskey.

I stared at the empty bottle and ran my fingers into my hair.

I need more whiskey

I sighed before standing from my seat. Zara looked at me and I frown.

"Don't give me that look," I said and she stood up while tilting her head.

I looked away before sitting back down. "Fine,"

What a way to get scolded by your own pet.

I grabbed my phone as my mind went to Lorenzo.

It was 11:12 p.m.

He has been avoiding me for almost two weeks now. This time I wasn't able to find out where he was at.

I guess it was good thing he did. I had the chances to fix things with Laura and not fuck up.

The minute I see him I know I'll fuck up.

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