Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Dog flea life cycle is less boring than mine…. I thought as I turned my locker combination, the library book heavy on my arms. We just discussed about adrenaline in Biology, and I found out that that was what I was missing, the adrenaline rush.

“What’s up, Brownie?”

Clark Peterson appeared in my range of vision, leaning his body beside my locker. I shrugged awkwardly with all the books in my arms.

I had been hanging out with Clark since the end of our freshman year, and now we were both seniors. We'd had our fair share of heart to heart talks and we did a lot of things together. You could say that he was my best friend.

Clark was tall and lanky, a good foot taller than my five feet three inches. He had curly, sandy blonde hair and he wore glasses, giving him a cute nerdy looks. There were two facts you should know about Clark, first, he's an enhanced homo sapiens, a cyborg.

Haha, did you really believe it (eyes rolling)? The truth was, Clark was from the species you called geek, as I was. He’s a secret hacker. Means, he spent many times trying to decipher codes in his PS3. Second fact you should know about him was that he's still confused about his sexuality.

He always called me Brownie because he said my brown eyes reminded him of brownies. Whatever. Any nickname was acceptable as long as it didn’t related with shortness or smallness. I was very sensitive about my height.

“Could you drive me to the mall? I gotta do some shopping for mom,” I asked him, throwing my books in the locker carelessly and sighing with relief.

My car was still being repaired and mom had made it my responsibility to buy everything for her so called 'informal' wedding party. She wanted it to be small one, with close family and friends. It was more like a family gathering to introduce Richard Preston, my new dad, to her family and friends, but with a wedding cake included.

Why do this kind of wedding, you say? Well, my mom and new dad decided to spend the rest of their lives together after only knowing each other for a week in Vegas. And I, the daughter, just got the news a few days ago after she came home with her red suitcase, flush from a vacation, and discussing wedding rings in her new husband's arms, right before our very font door. Shocking, I know. But I guess forty something people had different opinion on matters.

As for me, I would never ever decide to marry someone so easily. I mean, is it even possible for love to grow in only a week? I didn’t believe in that love at first sight crap, as well as the sparks theory. They were simply impossible! If a marriage were based on mere physical attraction, it wouldn’t last long I was sure. Looks don’t last forever.

Yea I know, at only seventeen I have an old mind. But, come on! Every teenager must have thought about marriage philosophy at least once. Or did they? Maybe it was just me? Clark often said that someday I would explode from thinking too much.

I watched as Clark sorted out the stuffs in my locker, fixed my slanted locker mirror, and straightened my timetable, which was taped under my mirror. He had a mild case of OCD. It had its perks, for instance it kept my room and locker tidy, but sometimes it could be a bit annoying. Like when he got this obsession with the number eight. One day he almost had a fight with the theater clerk just so he could get a number eight seat when we were going to watch the Transformers premiere.  

"I still have no idea why I'm the one to shopping for stupid things when Shawn’s car is running perfectly!” I muttered.

“Your mother knows Shawn is too lazy to lift his own butt, let alone do the shopping,” Clark said in an extremely sarcastic tone.

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