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* * * *

No. No. There's no way. He can't actually be missing, missing. Gone. Not found.

    I literally saw him this morning!! Everything was okay....this can't be real.

It can't....

Suddenly, I've no longer felt sad. I now started to feel anger. Rage. And, confused. But, mostly mad.

Wiping my tear's, I start angrily walking towards the lady.

    The cop's, noticing me. Immediately, holding me back.

"WHY? WHY WEREN'T YOU WATCHING OVER HIM....?! He's probably scared, and cold, right now!" More tears rolling down my face.

Confused, she raises her brows towards me.

"And who even are you??"

"Who am I? I'm Y/N. Y/N, Blake. Your sons friend! The one who was actually here for your kid, watching over him? I'm the one who took care of him!!" I reply, yelling.

She starts to laugh,

"You? Taking care of him?? That was I who did that. Not you! I'm the one who works a lot, just to be able to provide for him."

"Your house literally is a mess, filled with beer!! And, smells like cigarettes! That's not a condition that a child should be living in!!" I reply, shaking my head.

"And, you don't even care for your kid! No mother should never make their child feel invisible!"

"Who even said that to you??"

"Your own son!!"

"What? He- That little....and, you...." She say's, walking up to me.

"Okay, okay, enough!!" The cop yells, shoving the lady away. Looking at the cop, I say

  "Sir, I saw Griffin this morning. He didn't went missing for that long. We can still find him!!"

"I know, I know. We're already about to sent a search party, to look for him. For now, everyone need's to go home."

"But, I can help look-"

"Go. Home. Kid." He say's, sternly. Rolling my eyes, sighing, I nod.

Getting on my bike, pedaling back home. Making it back, I walk inside.

Dad, noticing me, getting up from his chair.

"And where were you-"

"Shush." Shoving him away, walking up to Finney and Gwen, sitting down. Gwen turns to look at me,

"Holy shit, Y/N. Did you hear about the missing kid? Everyone's talking about it!!" Looking at her, I nod.

"You alright, Y/N? Looks like you've been crying...." Finn say's, worried.

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